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Spiritually Prepared
"To make ready a people prepared for the Lord."
Luke 1:17

       With all the talk we hear in today's world about wars, financial collapses, natural disasters, etc.; we can't help but wonder just what will be the next critical event for which we should prepare. So many people are preparing for a physical crises--a natural disaster or the next big financial meltdown, but will all this preparation be in vain? Have you considered your ETERNAL preparation? There is a life after this, but where are you prepared to spend it? You will go to one of two places.
       The Bible makes it very clear that the Lord will return some day for His "bride." The bride of Christ is the entire body of believers. And believers are everyone who have placed their total trust in what God has done FOR them and is doing IN them. What Christ has done For us is our total righteousness. We can't add to it or subtract from it. What Christ is doing In us is our empowerment to live a righteous life in Christ moment by moment.
       So are you spiritually prepared? The Scripture says, "By their fruit you shall know them." Matthew 7:20
       Three times John stresses love as a test of the Christian life ( 1 John 2:7-11; 3:10-18; 4:7-21).
       I only know one way to determine if you truly love and that is if you are willing to sacrifice yourself for other persons. That's why Calvary is the greatest example of love ever demonstrated.
       To determine if you are truly spiritually prepared just ask yourself three questions.
1.)      Do you on a regular basis sacrifice yourself for the benefit of your spouse? Do you go out of your way for your spouse? Do you speak affirming words on a consistent basis to your spouse? When it is inconvenient do you help your spouse with a chore that you would prefer not to do?
2.)      How about your children? Are you there for them, as they need you? Do you spend the time with them instead of your favorite pastime or pleasure? Are they a priority in your day, in your life and your focus of attention?
3.)      What about the church members? Are you there for them in their real needs? Not just the members in your little clique, but all the members regardless of whether they share the same theological beliefs with you or not? Whether they are conservative or liberal, elite or common folk, young or old, traditional or modern, rich or poor--can you love them even if they have gossiped about you or hold a grudge concerning you?
       If you cannot answer "yes" to these questions, then there is yet a spiritual preparation which you need that is far more important than the physical preparations people are focusing upon.
       "Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another." 1 John 4:11
Getting prepared,
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