May 2015   
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Spiritual Redirection     


by Barbara Gulbranson


W hen I got rejected from a chaplaincy training program that I had my heart set on, I was shocked. The priest had handed it to me on a silver platter and then decided that I didn't fit in with the group he was assembling. "How could he do this to me?" I asked. "How could my plans go so far awry?" Even with the shock and disbelief there was no anger. Yes, I was sad and disappointed. For about one day. The truth is that I did not fit in with the fundamental group he was creating. What's more, I knew that when these things happen there is a greater picture - a sacred picture that holds a higher meaning for everyone involved. This was not a rejection. This was a redirection. And redirections are always for our highest good.


If you are being redirected, release all limitations and lean into it. Holding back in fear prevents you from experiencing the rich, passionate, joyous life you were created to experience. You will be forever stuck in your current conditions that no longer serve you. Once you get it that all fear is feeling separate from God, you can let go and surrender to the good that is at hand. It's best to live a fearless life allowing God to steer the ship and pave the way before you. Your job is to trust in the Universe and take that step so you can live the full life you so desire.


This surrendering to Spirit does not mean that you give up your free will or your gift of choice. Rather it means that when a door seemingly closes, it is a loving change of course -- not one to be mourned but one to be celebrated.


For me, I found myself united with a better chaplaincy school that resonates with my beliefs and, thankfully, my schedule. And I am doubly blessed because the Hospice I work for PRN extended my hours so I have the best of everything. I couldn't have imagined such a perfect situation on my own, but God knew how. This is precisely why we pray for "this or something better." We don't want to limit the all-giving God with our short-sighted human vision. Once we pray and let the desire go with love in our hearts, we don't have to know how to do anything but let God do everything by means of us.


The next time you are faced with a disappointment, frustration or seeming block in your dreams, remember there are no wrong turns only redirections for your highest good. Embrace those redirections, and live from the standpoint of faith in a power of good that fulfills your heart's desires. After all, what you desire is seeking you. Let it unfold in its beautiful and loving way in all aspects of your life.


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