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Spirituality and Politics: your vote is called for

Spirituality and Politics: your vote is called for
Spirituality and Politics: 
your vote is called for
 Jim Morningstar shares how as spiritual and political beings, we need to exercise both qualities to truly safeguard the rights of individuals and the welfare of the group. Each of us has a part to play in the growth of our local and global communities by holding spiritual principles as we debate and vote politically. This is a vote for the survival and evolution of humanity and your vote is critical.   
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My life long quest has been to discover and teach the highest quality tools for human transformation. I have done this as a clinical psychologist, spiritual student/teacher and personal growth and business coach since 1970. I welcome your participation and contribution.

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Living Your Purpose
Application of spiritual principles in one's chosen life work is the theme of this course. Inner work will include the clearing and strengthening of one's energy centers as a regular practice. Outer work will entail the presentation and analysis of ones career autobiography and the completion of a major project relevant to manifesting purpose in life work.

Living and applying the spiritual principles which nourish our souls is the foundation for a sense of purposeful existence. This does not happen by chance. Unless the time and focus is given to this intention, we will continue to operate on cultural and familial survival patterns. Some research indicates the only measurable factor positively correlating with longevity is "job satisfaction." If the work we do on a daily basis is not building our vital energy, it is depleting it and decreasing our ability and motivation to work and play wholeheartedly. This course is directed to clarifying and infusing our life work with our highest purpose and supportively integrating the practices to do s o.