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About Spirituality
What does it mean to be Spiritual?
The word "spiritual" is tossed around quite often these days and has different meanings to different people. Some individuals state they are "Spiritual, not Religious." This typically means they no longer belong to, or were never part of a specific church or religious denomination-yet they maintain faith in "something more."
Others see themselves as Spiritual within the context of their specific religious tradition. They may attend church regularly, participate in certain religious rites, enjoy fellowship with other parishioners, and feel a sense of connection to God.
Still others look at being Spiritual primarily as a reflection of how they interact with others. They see treating others the way they would like to be treated as the ultimate spiritual statement. Like the line from John Lennon's song, Instant Karma goes, "Better recognize your brother - everyone you meet!"
I see all of these as valid definitions of what it means to be Spiritual, but I have another one of my own I'd like to add to the mix. From my perspective Spirituality, above all else, means that I am more than the body I currently occupy - I am more than a biological machine.
Based on my personal experiences and those of others I know and trust, with consideration for certain well-established principles in quantum mechanics, I am confident that there is a spiritual dimension beyond this physical realm. Furthermore, when this body fails, my core essence or "Spirit" will return to the spiritual realm, which is my natural home.
Why is this last perspective on what it means to be Spiritual important? Because it points to the big picture, the long term, and not just the immediate place or state we are in today. That is especially important for people mired in grief, suffering from the recent passing of a loved one, or harboring nihilistic thoughts.
This life is a short ride and someday we will ditch these bio-suits, after which time our spiritual essence will gravitate onto the next realm of experience, reuniting with loved ones who have passed. But in the meantime we have a rare gift, which is an opportunity to live life to the fullest, experience all we can, help others, and to share the love. The opportunity for new experience is one we can't afford to pass up.
Mark Ireland
A New Interview
Dr. Paula Joyce recently interviewed me and the dialog was great. She asked a number of intriguing questions, venturing into areas not discussed on my other appearances. After clicking the link, forward to 20:25 to hear the interview. To see the controller (for functions such as play, pause, etc.) move your cursor over the photo of Dr. Joyce. This link takes you to the streaming audio.
Recommended book

MORE THINGS YOU CAN DO WHEN YOU'RE DEAD is the second book from my friend, respected Researcher Tricia Robertson. As an Officer in and immediate past President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, Tricia rigorously investigates the various forms of evidence for Life After Death, In this book she shares some of the most remarkable accounts you'll ever read. Tricia is highly credible and intelligent, yet writes in a style that is accessible to all readers.

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My medium certification program continues to evolve and grow as I test more people. I am adding more and more gifted mediums who have proven their ability under controlled conditions. Results for any specific reading cannot be guaranteed, but I'm highly encouraged by the quality of people who have come through my program and earned certification. Check out the site if you're considering getting a reading.

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