April 6,

No. 44

AMS Weekly Newsletter
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Weekly Readings

With Operation Fox Hunt and now Operation Sky Net, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan's anti-corruption campaign has gone global. The campaigns aim to bring home dozens of fugitives, especially from Australia, Canada, and the United States. The challenge, however, for Western countries is how to differentiate the legitimately corrupt from those targeted for political or profit-seeking reasons. Though Chinese analysts suggest human rights should be separated fr om anti-corruption, the problems of Chinese criminal procedure and the internal party shuanggui system make it difficult for Western governments to cooperate. As the anti-corruption campaign continues, this issue is likely to find itself at the forefront China's foreign relations.

Weibo Watch

What's hot on Weibo today? At Discover Weibo ( d.weibo.com ) you can catch up on the news of the day by checking out the mobile-optimized page "Focus Today." The stories are heavy on entertainment and news of weird. But not everyone is entertained: search for the feature on Baidu and it suggests such popular searches as "get rid of Focus Today" and "block Focus Today."
?? in Xi Jinping's  Speeches

tu? sh?u k? d?

Meaning: to be easy to obtain (literally to obtain by just spitting into one's hands)

In the closing of his speech at Bo'ao, Xi jinping exhorted the audience to strive for peace and create a common destiny in Asia. He used this ??in its negative form, that is, ???????????.

Original: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

And sorry for the generic picture...try as we might, we could not find a picture of someone spitting in their hand...weird, huh?
Documentary of the Week

This week's documentaries are two post-NPC press conferences by Premier Li Keqiang and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi. Both press conferences are in Chinese and English. Whether your interests are China's domestic or foreign policy issues, either press event offers an opportunity to listen to two of China's most well-spoken leaders hold forth on a variety of topics, including China's future and U.S.-China relations.
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