July News from Howard County Recycling
A big thank you to those who have made the adjustment. We know change can be difficult. We will continue to answer your questions and help during this transition.

As of June 15, collection crews will no longer collect recycling in plastic bags. Please make sure your recycling is loose in your recycling cart or bin. Why? This allows the items to be sorted efficiently and effectively at the recycling processor so they can be made into new items. Plastic bags jam equipment, reduce the quality of recyclable items and create hazards for the sorting staff. More
Lazy days at the beach, backyard BBQ’s, family vacations and EASY recycling.
Here are some common summer products that can and can't be recycled.

  • Empty aerosol and plastic sunscreen and bug spray containers
  • Plastic food containers with twist-off lids – Bottles of ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce and other grilling favorites with twist-off lids. Empty, rinse and toss.
  • Plastic or glass drink bottles
  • Aluminum cans
  • Cardboard, mixed paper and newspaper - Don’t forget to recycle these basics, including all the extra back to school ads that will soon fill your mailbox.

  • Garden hoses, bungee cords – Long, stringy items wrap around sorting machines. If they are in good condition, consider donating them, if not, throw them in the trash.
  • Disposable plates, cups and napkins – Whether it’s a paper plate or convenience store cup, disposable dishes are not recyclable. Consider buying a set of reusable picnic-ware and don’t leave home without your reusable mug or water bottle.
  • Inflatables and plastic pools – These plastics have a different chemical makeup than your average water or soda bottle and are not recyclable.
  • Ceramic planters – It’s best to donate ceramic planters or trash them if they're broken.
Reminder: Independence Day - Thurs, July 4
There will be NO CURBSIDE COLLECTIONS on Independence Day. Thursday and Friday curbside collections of recycling, yard trim and trash will slide and be made one day later that week. The Alpha Ridge Landfill will be CLOSED. County offices will be CLOSED. Holiday schedule
Last month we highlighted plastic items. This month we'll highlight paper. Remember, you can still recycle glass bottles/jars, cardboard, plastic bottles/containers and metal cans , we're just breaking it down to try to reduce confusion.

Paper items must be clean.

  • milk & juice cartons
  • aseptic packaging (juice boxes, soup, broth, milk)
  • newspapers & inserts, catalogs & magazines
  • junk mail (NEW! No windowed envelopes, rip them out before you recycle)
  • boxes (food, snack, shoe, toy)
  • books (phone books, paperback, hardback)
  • gift wrap (non-foil type only)
  • paper egg cartons

  • food contaminated boxes such as greasy pizza boxes
  • paper towels, napkins, tissues
  • paper plates, bowls, cups
  • ice cream containers
  • wax paper, laminated paper
  • foil-type gift wrap (can't easily be torn)
  • paper that can't be torn easily (typically means there are plastic layers added)

When in doubt, leave it out (of the blue bin)
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