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Consumers everywhere are caught in a landslide of not truly understanding what they are buying anymore. With all the fancy websites and "save, save, save" money ads you see constantly, most people just look at the $ sign and buy! If you are one of these people that does all your research, you'll know what you are getting for your hard earned dollars! Congratulations! You truly understanding what you have bought and what comes with it after you buy it. However, if you only look at the dollar amount when you purchase, you fail. Yes, you might feel good for a few weeks or months and get to tell everyone how much money you just saved with your bottom dollar buying technique, but let's fast forward a year or so down the road. Now you start having issues with the product you just bought. Who do you call? When you do call, are you treated the same way you were when you bought it?

In today's world, many things are made to break or to be thrown away. Nonetheless, there are still things you want to perform and perform well for years to come. A smart purchase comes with customer service and a timely response team that is happy to help with a technical or product issues you may have. So many companies are in the business of selling stuff, but how many companies are in the business to sell you products with service and integrity? These are the type of companies you need to look at when you are in the buying market. Consider the work ethic and integrity of EES the next time you're looking for life, safety, and security products. We don't just offer the best products, we want to give our customers the best services possible! The next time you are in the market to buy, focus on buying something that you know comes with a true value!

[Article written and provided by Mike Rich.]

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EES is proud to be part of LeadingAge North Carolina! The conference this year was held in Myrtle Beach in which 69 member communities statewide were invited to promote their services for continuing care retirement communities, assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities, and affordable housing providers. LeadingAge serves more than 20,000 North Carolinians and has 73 corporate members who provide services, products, and trusted advice to our members. 

(Matt Gore and Jessica Saxton)

Wanda Belt, Matt Gore, and Jessica Saxton represented EES at the convention and were able to meet a variety of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who, like us, have a passion for providing long-term nursing facilities the best products and services possible! 


Michael Edwards, President and CEO
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