By Lisa Purichia
Partner, Director of Entrepreneurial Services

Anyone who has or desires a leadership position within a business should have a strong motivation for self-improvement, both for the good of the organization and their own sense of personal ambition.

If you look at the traits of successful people, you will find several common themes: curiosity about things going on in the world and their immediate community; an attention to developments within their chosen industry/profession; a desire to improve themselves and their relationships. They're also the type of personality that seeks out ways to further these goals, including reading self-improvement books and articles.

Think about your own reading habits: have your read -- or recommended to someone else -- a good book lately?

Josie Dillon is a native Hoosier.  She grew up in Mooresville, Ind., and earned her bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Indianapolis. In 2016 she was promoted to Manager in the Tax Services department after demonstrating her commitment to serving clients and bringing value to their organizations.

She performs a large spectrum of tax-related services from a wide array of industries. Her work includes tax consulting and compliance services, including federal and multi-state tax filings for businesses, individuals, not-for-profits and trusts. She also performs tax planning and projections.

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By Lisa Blankman, CPA
Manager, Audit & Assurance Services

Indiana has been blessed with the arrival of a number of high-profile companies in recent years, either through acquisitions or organic growth. These include many information technology firms that represent the second wave of the Dot-com boom, such as salesforce, a cloud computing company that acquired ExactTarget in 2013.

The entrance of salesforce is having a rippling effect on the Indianapolis marketplace beyond the highly visible Salesforce Tower (rechristened from Chase Tower), with its name beaming from the top of the tallest building in Indiana.

It and other companies are bringing new ideas to the workplace that could spread to other businesses and alter their culture -- not the type of work they do, but how they do it. This may make it more challenging for others to acquire and retain top talent, especially the Millennial generation that will soon dominate the U.S. workforce as Baby Boomers pass into retirement.

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Board appointments for Sponsel team members

Sponsel CPA Group has always made civic involvement a cornerstone of our company culture. Many of our team members serve in a voluntary capacity with local nonprofit groups. We are pleased to recognize three new board appointments of our staff: 
  • Lila Casper was appointed to  the Audit Committee for Second Helpings, which repurposes unused food for the hungry.
  • Josie Dillon was recently elected as Treasurer of the Center Grove Education Foundation, on whose board she also sits.
  • Jennifer McNett was elected Treasurer by her fellow board members of Dress for Success, which provides professional attire for those in need.
Thanks to all three for their service to the community!