By Brandon Cangany, CPA
Manager, Tax Services

As the summer sun peeks out of the clouds, now is perfect the time to plan a getaway! But are you hesitant to step away from the office and worried about leaving your work behind? With proper notice and planning, there's no shame in taking a vacation. Just sit down with your manager to work out a schedule and determine who can take over your tasks while you're gone. They'll be grateful for the heads-up!

This also applies to you, Mr. or Ms. Business Owner!
It is not only important to reinforce to your workforce that vacations are important, but the business owner should take time away as well.  For all the reasons stated below, everyone can benefit from some "R & R" to return renewed and refreshed!

By Lila Casper, CPA
Senior, Audit & Assurance Services

As business slows down a bit this summer, now is an opportune time to focus on non-financial issues. Chief among them should be crisis management. Even when business is booming, it's important to prepare for the unexpected. As the old saying goes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."
Every company out there - big or small - should have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place with clear procedures to mitigate major disruptions to their business. 

Sue Hott has worked in the field of banking and finance for more than 30 years. She joined the Sponsel staff in the summer of 2017, and she serves as an administrative assistant to Sponsel partner Lisa Purichia.
In her position, Sue provides support to the departments of Entrepreneurial Services, Employee Benefit Plan Services and Human Resources.

Badger, Parson Join Firm

Sponsel CPA Group is pleased to welcome two new members to the team. Michelle Badger (pictured left) will serve as an administrator in the Tax Services department, assisting with individual, corporation, partnership, fiduciary and other tax returns. With a business certificate from IUPUI and 15 years of experience in the field of accounting, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Karen Parson (pictured right) will
provide support to the Audit & Assurance Services team, serving as an administrative assistant to Tom Sponsel, Jason Thompson and Mike Bedel. Karen also comes equipped with several years of experience in the financial field. Welcome to them both! 

 Sponsel Takes Family Out to the Ballgame
Last week, the Sponsel team watched the Indianapolis Indians take on the Toledo Mud Hens. Our families joined us in our third-base party terrace. As you can see, it was fun for all ages! Stay tuned for more summer events in the weeks to come.