By Lisa Purichia
Partner, Director of Accounting Services & Retirement Plan Services

Right now, amid the economic upheaval of COVID, business owners should be focusing on streamlining their business. During times like these, bookkeeping and financial reporting probably take a backseat in favor of efforts to sustain and possibly grow the business.

Are worries about your accounting department looming over your head as you try to keep your business afloat? Now may be the time to take some weight off your back as you focus on the management tasks you do best and delegate the operational tasks at which you are less skilled.

Consider outsourcing!

By Mike Bedel, CPA, CGMA
Partner, Director of Audit & Assurance Services

For many people, the weekly work routine is quite different these days. Rather than driving to the office and settling in at their desk, they clock in at their kitchen table and interact with co-workers through cyberspace.

Do you find yourself wondering why things don't feel the same with your team interactions? Even as you work remotely, you can still maintain your company's corporate culture.

Abigail Hedges has been with Sponsel for over three years, starting shortly after her graduation from Taylor University, where she earned bachelor's degrees in accounting and management. Since her graduation, she has earned her CPA designation.

As a Staff Accountant in the Tax Services department, her role involves preparing and reviewing tax returns. She has experience working with not-for-profit entities, individuals, partnerships, S-corporations and C-corporations.

New Staff Members!

We're pleased to welcome two new staff members, Leslie Munas (left) and Kevin Cosman (right). Leslie is serving as a Manager in the Tax Services department, and Kevin joined the Audit & Assurance Services Staff. We're thrilled to have them on our team! 

Retirement Plan Limits for 2021

Our site is now up-to-date with Retirement Plan Limits for 2021. Check it out, and be sure to use this form in future employee participant meetings!