By Jennifer McNett, CPA
Manager, Tax Services Group

One of the most frequent questions we encounter as business advisors is whether a client should lease or buy an expensive piece of business property. This can pertain to virtually any kind of asset, from real estate and vehicles to factory equipment and laptop PCs for the staff.

This is a seemingly easy question with a multifaceted answer, as the best course of action is specific to each organization's circumstances. Depending on your company's needs - maximizing deductions, preserving cash flow, maintaining newer equipment, etc. - leasing or buying can each lend their own advantages.

In general terms, if cash flow is an issue then leasing is generally the best option. For tax deductions, buying is usually more advantageous, especially when you use accelerated depreciation to expense the full amount up front.

Amber Hoover is another one of the firm's "first day" employees, joining the company upon its founding in 2009. She graduated from Indiana University Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis, and soon found her calling in financial analysis and valuation. She is both a CPA and holder of an Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) certification.

Now a Senior Valuation Analyst in the Valuation and Litigation Services department, Amber performs many different varieties of valuations, focusing mostly on privately held businesses, and also specializes in fraud investigation, lost profit analysis, forensic accounting and economic damage analysis.

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By Chris Edwards
Manager, IT Services

Today's digital world can often feel very alarming and insecure. Stories abound of identity theft, hackers stealing information from hundreds or thousands of victims, and email scams to swipe your account passwords.

How can you protect yourself and your organization?

Identity theft and hacked information often stem from circumstances outside your control, but losing your accounts and other access points is something you can protect yourself from with plenty of diligence and a touch of skepticism.

One powerful tool in guarding against hacking is the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA). Simply put, this means requiring more than one step or piece of information to access an account.

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Brocklehurst retires; Hott joins staff
The entire Sponsel CPA Group family is sad to bid farewell to Katie Brocklehurst, our longtime administrative assistant for the Entrepreneurial Services team, who is retiring at the end of the month. Katie has worked with us for many years and will be sorely missed both for her dedication and her positive impact on those around her. We also wish to welcome Sue Hott, who has joined the firm and will be taking over Katie's position. 
  Blankman joins AYS board 

Lisa Blankman, a Manager in the Audit & Assurance Services department, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of AYS. Formerly known as At-Your-School Child Services, AYS is a not-for-profit group that specializes in providing high-quality, educational and safe programs for children outside of school hours. AYS runs a number of educational and support programs aimed at helping students and schools succeed.