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A Message From Dave Jacobs
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Pastors of smaller churches have one of the hardest jobs in America.

Often overworked, under appreciated and underpaid, these faithful servants of God long for a friend, encouragement, validation and resources to help them minister to the members of their congregations. For only $25 a month you can sponsor a pastor, providing them with coaching and resources that work in a smaller church. 

Did you know that various studies and surveys of pastors revealed that:

  • 80% believed pastoral ministry affected their families negatively.
  • 50% felt themselves unable to meet the needs of the job.
  • 90% felt inadequately trained to cope with ministry demands.
  • 70% said they have lower self esteem now compared to when they started in ministry.
  • 12% of ministers reported that they were depressed often or always in their ministry.
  • 70% did not have someone they consider a close friend.
  • 33% had considered leaving the ministry.
  • 90% said their Bible School/Seminary Training did not prepare them for what they face day-to-day in the church.
  • 50% of those who begin in the ministry leave their first pastorate in less than 5 years, never to return to ministry though they felt called.
                             "Every study we have done shows that church leaders
                             will do a better job leading their church to health if they
                             have a coach who comes alongside to encourage
                             them, ask questions, offer resources and hold them
  -ChurchSmart Resources

Will you help them? For $25 a month you can sponsor a pastor and give them coaching and resources. There is not a week go by that I don't hear from a pastor, either by phone or email, telling me the difference coaching has made in their life. You can make this happen. Email me today and tell me you want to help a pastor in 2013. I'll get back to you immediately with details on how to get started.

Thanks for your time,

Dave Jacobs
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