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Marquette Performing Arts Prepared to Team Up with Local Businesses
Work inside the Rudy Hart Theatre continues at a feverish pace for theatre director Amy Crane and the Marquette Performing Arts. The cast and crew of "Newsies" have exactly one month until filming with the release date slated for April. COVID-19 restrictions still loom; therefore, Marquette's spring musical will be streamed just as the fall play.

Due to the breadth of characters involved in "Newsies", this year's adaptation promises to be more community-oriented than ever before (Governor Martin?). Audience members should expect to see some familiar, but slightly older faces on stage (Mayor Collignon?). If there ever was a season for special circumstances, this is it (Sister Cassady?). 

That synergy has carved out an opportunity for businesses to become involved in "Newsies" - and we don't mean an advertisement under the 3-day weather outlook. Where the in-theatre performances compressed the ability to advertise, the virtual format allows Marquette to highlight sponsors digitally.

Marquette Performing Arts is offering three levels of advertisement to business donors: friend, producer, and executive producer. 

For $100, "friends" of Marquette Performing Arts qualify for a full slide that will run at intermission during all six shows. "Producers" pledge $250 and will receive social media marketing through both MQTT Performing Arts and Marquette's Facebook pages through April in addition to an intermission slide.

Those supporting at the "executive producer" tier earn a slide, social media advertising, and their company's name on the cast t-shirts for a $500 commitment.

Your donations assist Marquette Performing Arts in lowering production and licensing costs, set design, costumes, props, and more that have been adversely affected by a lack of ticket sales. We thank you for your consideration in helping keep the arts alive and well at both Marquette and Michigan City.

Make your pledge with either cash or check HERE today to sponsor a local rising star!

Streaming information will be made available closer to release. Contact for any further questions or information.