February 2015
IAEE-TV: Five Creative Sponsorship Ideas
IAEE-TV: Five Creative Sponsorship Ideas

Satisfying Today's Sophisticated Sponsorship Buyer
Let's face it  , the way companies buy products and services has changed. A recent CEB study revealed that 57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier. Most of that is done digitally.


Expo revenue has hit a glass ceiling for nearly every conference biz model we've analyzed. Healthy expos are doing well if they're renewing anchors at current levels and bringing in 30%+ new exhibiting companies to replace the 30% that churn. High drayage costs and improved digital demo tools are driving smaller booth spaces.


Marketing budgets are still healthy. Significant increases in sponsorship revenue are there for organizers who attract an influential audience. To realize high growth you must:

  1. Get buy-in, support and introductions from your senior leadership team.
  2. Clean up your menu - less promotional opportunities and more linked to attendee mattering.
  3. Go big or go home. Fewer, but bigger investors is an attribute of the most successful programs.
  4. Develop activation plans that span 90 days plus.

Bottom line, sponsorship is the most sophisticated and effective emotional marketing investment. Your plan, strategy and approach needs to help brands make that emotional connection. Bag inserts and logos fail that test.

Logos hanging from the ceiling at the tradeshow. Ads covering windows, elevator doors and escalator ramps. Symbols, signs and emblems stuck to the floor, carpet and wrapping columns. Logos on lanyards, room keys and conference bags. All of these are the traditional ways conferences approach sponsorship. And the majority of them have little value or ROI. Most of them are the wrong way to approach conference sponsorship today.


Sponsors all over the world are embracing best practice sponsorship - adding value to the fan experience and favoring meaning and creativity over volume or visibility. This is fantastic, and as the gulf between great sponsors and old-school sponsors widens, more see the light and jump the chasm. Except the sponsors that don't.

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As associations look ahead to the next decade of uniting members and annual meeting attendees, one important piece of the picture is going to look very different: the money. "Non-dues revenue is where association funds will come from in the future," Kent Allaway, Vice President, Meetings and Trade Shows, Produce Marketing Association, said during 2015 Convening Leaders...


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There's a major shift going on. An increasing number of conference and trade show investors are scaling back on booth space and shifting that spend to sponsorships. It's a ripe opportunity for organizers to diversify their conference business model. 



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Giving sponsors mere visibility among their key customers is no longer enough. To get those sponsorship dollars-and keep them coming in year after year-it's not enough for associations to offer measurable opportunities. They have to be able to help sponsors do the actual measuring as well.