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Dancing with Nature 
October 2020 Issue 10 Vol 10
News, Life, and the Art Culture in the Smoky Mountains
Fall ~ loved by all. A respite from the summer’s heat coupled with nature’s artistry dazzling us with an array of color that always continues to amaze. Summer’s blooms fade but fall wildflowers step up to the plate delivering a new and different palate. What I find really FUN are the residential yards all around the neighborhood filled with Halloween spooks, goblins, and flowers displaying the excitement of the season.
The 2020 Halloween celebration will look very different from the traditional. No Downtown Waynesville Treats on the Streets and I doubt any neighborhood scavenging happening anywhere in the USA. With the covid world we currently live in, Halloween trick-or-treating is certainly a “what to do?” Downtown Waynesville is hosting “Fall for Waynesville” (take 2) on Halloween day after “Fall for Waynesville” (original) was canceled, rightly so, due to Hurricane Delta dumping rain that day. The memo to merchants read, “your employees can dress in costume and you can hand out candy.” Hmm…..candy covid-style. What to do??
I think I have come up with an excellent plan thanks to Mast General Store and our Earth Day Grabber. Come see us during the daytime event for some SPOOKTACULAR savings and a Trick-or-Treat treat because we'll be covid ready. But what this really reminded me of was my father’s obsession over Halloween as mentioned in previous stories. His presentation has been talked about for generations. He had distancing in place before distancing was cool (but not on purpose). Somehow he dismantled the skeleton’s arm (which was for real and occupied my parents’ bedroom) and through a black curtain would pass a piece of candy in the skeleton’s hand for the trick or treater to cautiously grab with screams of delight for their loot. When we were out of candy and older teenagers were haunting the stoop, my father would shuck a raw oyster to be delivered by this scrawny, boney hand to treat the tricksters.

The gallery has been doing amazingly well and we can not begin to thank you enough -- all of you that have been tremendously supportive. Wearing a mask all day has been a challenge, but we are committed to making a safe shopping experience for you. I cannot say what festivities are ahead as events cancel one after another but in the gallery, we continue to try to bring unique experiences in an appropriate covid manner. Watch out for the upcoming pottery demonstration by Michael Lalone, November 7th. Several of the artists have been getting in the fall mode so that you and your home can get into the autumn spirit.
The leaves still have awesomeness to give so if you are still able to come we welcome your visit. Our artists are anxiously delivering to us daily so the gallery is as ever-changing as the leaf scene. We have some amazing works in house so please check it out and support our artists who have lost the opportunity of shows and festivals that they depend on.  They need YOU and so do we. Check out our Fall for Waynesville Spooktacular Specials and get a grabber treat ………. no skeleton hands involved.
May You Walk in Beauty ~ Carrie


Peter Klingsheim
Peter Klingsheim works and lives in Waynesville and is a transplant from California. After 50 years as a CA resident he and his wife, Tamara, came to the area 10 years ago.
For the last forty years photography had become a passion in his pastime and a means of self-expression. But hidden away, deep inside and festering was a 40-year yearning to work with wood.  
This desire began as a young teen after viewing some woodworking machinery on display in a local mall. He knew at that moment he would work and create things with wood.
Standing there in awe of the machinery he wasn’t thinking about his schooling, or work, and then came a family with a van in the garage and for forty years woodworking was but a dream, it was only a dream. It was a dream filled with a library of books and publications and visiting an occasional woodworking show that had come into the area. He was only an “armchair woodworker."
He recently made the decision to sell his camera gear and invest in his first love, that of woodworking! His objective is to make furnishings that are appealing both to look at and touch as well as functional. A piece of wood gently transformed into something you can use and enjoy for many years to come.  
His photographs hang in many homes across the country bringing joy and stirring the emotions of those who hung them there. This is what Peter hopes to accomplish with wood -- to create, from a piece or pieces of wood, an object that causes you to stop, to look and appreciate both its function as well as its natural beauty which he says he can only capture and display but not take credit for. Peter thanks you for taking a part in this journey!

Save The Date...
November Featured Artist:
Michael Lalone
Michael Lalone has been working in clay for over 20 years. He started by taking a teacher re-certification class and hasn’t stopped yet!
Returning to Dr. Phillips High in Orlando, he proceeded to build one of the nation’s top ceramic programs. With a lot of help from potter friends, students, and the community, he built wood and salt kilns, a raku area and the traditional electric firing that is the mainstay of the high school program.
Mike would go on to spend 15 years as the resident potter of the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC where he worked hard to build up the program and bring in top talent.
His strength is in the love of teaching and sharing what others have so freely given to him. Clay folks are among the most giving, genuine people he has met and for this reason he was immediately drawn to that type of personality. Being a teacher at the Boys & Girls Clubs at the age of fourteen, teaching at the public-school level for 31 years has allowed Mike to fulfill his dream of being a person who gives back to others.
Mike is currently an adjunct professor at Young Harris College in Young Harris, Georgia.
Art After Dark
Friday, November 6th, 6-9 pm

You're invited downtown to November's Art After Dark. It may look and feel different, but it's still your favorite Main Street. Make sure you plan a stop at one of our many great restaurants!

Please check out your favorite social media pages and store websites for updates. 
Fall For Waynesville
Sat, October 31st, 10-5pm
Rescheduled from 10/10!

The Church Street Arts and Crafts festival historically held the second Saturday in October has instead been rebranded as “Fall for Waynesville.” Main Street will be blocked to traffic, creating a pedestrian-only environment with street performers.
Restaurants expand their set-up to the outdoor dining areas in the street and shops may bring merchandise out onto the sidewalks.

For more information call 828-456-3517
Cold Mountain Corn Maze
Old fashioned hayrides, campfires, a pumpkin patch, corn box, and a mini-maze for the little explorers. If you have a few brave souls in your party, stick around after the sun goes down because that is when the goblins and ghouls come out of the mountains and head for the haunted corn maze!

More info here.
Stay tuned ...
December Featured Artist
Judy Horn
Gallery Demo Sat, Dec 6th

View more work by Judy in the gallery!

Find Haywood County COVID19 updates here
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