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October Classes at Lucky Dog Company!
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Session Info: Check below for class times and days. October session starts the week of October 1st and ends the week of October 29th.

Lucky Dog Company will be closed from October 8th-15th for Mary to return and teach at Camp Unleashed in Ga for her 3rd year. If you are interested in coming to Camp Unleashed please visit their website for more info.
Class Times and Days are subject to change
Need Help Choosing a Class:
Reactive to People and Other Dogs - Growls to Grins
Just Looking For Something Fun and Engaging- Try one of these:
Agility for Fun
No Speed Obstacles
Shadow Skills
Have a New Puppy - Puppy Primer is the class for you!
Interested in Therapy Visits with your Dog - Try AKC Canine Good Citizen or Community Canine
Looking for Competition Level Classes-
Advanced Rally
Competition Obedience Fundamentals
Scent Work for Competition
AKC & DMWYD Trick Dog Title Evaluations & Demos- Fundraiser for Domestic Animal Services
Saturday 10/20/18 2:30pm-5pm

Come Join the fun and help out your local shelter!

You must preregister for the event by clicking the black sign up button below.
Y ou and your pup will have fun showing off your tricks or trying for a Trick Title. This is for fun and showing off your talented pup. Expose your dog to a show environment on a small scale. Meet and watch other dogs perform. Try as many times as you like.
Each Ring or Title Entry you do is $5 (will go to Collier County Domestic Animal Services)

Ring Time can be used for Title Evaluation or practice of tricks for fun. Ring Time is 5 mins or completion of Title evaluation.

This event is for anybody and any dog good in group situations! Don't be shy, help raise money for your local shelter! Whether you want to get a trick title or just want to show off your dogs tricks, Come out and enjoy the fun! For more info on AKC or DMWYD Trick Titles visit the websites below:

DMWYD Trick Title Info
Lucky Dog Company
Halloween Party and Photo Op

Come Join the fun and Games
Saturday 10/27
4pm- 5:30pm

You must preregister for the event by clicking the purple sign up button below.
This event is for anybody and any dog good in group situations! Dress up!, join us, get your picture taken, play some games and get a halloween treat! We will be collecting food and towel donations for Domestic Animal Services too!

Puppy Play Groups
Bring your 3- 6 month old puppy to play and socialize with other puppies their age. This is a one hour play group with puppies and their owners. Learn about proper play and body language while watching your puppy play with others.

Tuesday 10/23 3:30pm SIGN UP

Tuesday 10/30 3:30pm SIGN UP

Saturday 10/6 2:30pm SIGN UP

Saturday 10/27 2:30pm SIGN UP
Competition Obedience Fundamentals
Mondays 6pm- 3 Weeks
10/1, 10/22, 10/29
Whether you just find obedience fun, your new to competing, been away for awhile, or you are competing but not happy with your performance this class can help. To get precise obedience behaviors you need strong foundation skills. This class will teach those skills for newbies and seasoned competitors alike. From heeling, obedience, retrieving and utility, this class will take your game up a notch.
Tricks Tricks Tricks!
Mondays 7:30pm- 3 Weeks
10/1, 10/22, 10/29
Now you can earn either DMWYD and/or AKC Trick tiles with your pup. Tricks are a great way to keep training and doing really fun cool stuff together! They can also help build your dogs confidence and enhance your relationship. This class builds on your beginner tricks. We can judge and verify your dog for his Title.
Paws Up Basics
Tuesdays 6pm
10/2, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30
Does your dog need the basics? This class is for you. Help with all the normal behavior problems. Learn how to socialize and train your dog in a fun and positive way. This class will help you and your dog learn and proof basics like sit, down, and loose leash walking. Also learn positive ways to deal with minor behavior issues.
Puppy Primer
Tuesdays 7:30pm
10/2, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30
Got a new puppy? This class is for you. Help with all the normal puppy problems like nipping and potty training. Learn how to socialize and train your puppy in a fun and positive way. Learn the basics of sit, down and loose leash walking. Don't miss out on the best class for your 3 - 6 month old puppy.
Advanced Rally Skills and Course Work
Wednesdays 6pm- 4 Weeks
10/3, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31
Whether you are ready to or already competing in AKC Rally Obedience, this class will improve your skills and teamwork by proofing your obedience behaviors through course work.
AKC Canine Good CItizen CGC/
Therapy Dog 1
Wednesdays 7:30pm- 4 Weeks
10/3, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31
This class will cover all items on the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. This class includes the Canine Good Citizen Testing. All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC evaluation receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club. This is the first of 2 classes that we offer for Therapy Dog preparation. 
Wag It Games: Shadow Skills
Thursdays 2pm- 4 Weeks
10/4, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1
Combining Obedience moves together, adding new skills and working your dog on both your left & right sides adds a whole new dimension to traditional rally obedience. Three levels of training & competition will provide lots of learning opportunities and fun. These classes will help you reach any type of obedience goal with your dog whether you are competing or just having fun.
Scent Work for Competition
Thursdays 3:30pm- 4 Weeks
10/4, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1
This class is for dogs and handlers who are interested in competing in scent work or who want to do more formal and difficult scent work. This class will focus on the rules and divisions for AKC. We will be doing odor search divisions and handle discrimination divisions. In this class we will be working container, interior, exterior and buried searches. We start at the novice level.

Agility for Fun
Thursdays 6pm- 4 Weeks
10/4, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1
Saturdays- 10am- 4 Weeks
10/6, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3
These classes are for fun and learning the basics of Agility with your dog. We cover the basic equipment and handling moves. Helps to teach coordination, cooperation, control and focus. Have fun and get active with your dog. Strengthen the bond between you and your dog.
AKC Community Canine CGCA
Thursdays 7:30pm- 4 Weeks
10/4, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1
AKC Community Canine is the advanced level of testing offered by AKC. It tests the ability of your dog to maintain control, good manners and obedience in group situations with other dogs. All dogs who pass the 10 item evaluation receive the CGCA title from the American Kennel Club. These classes help build both handler and dog skills. Prerequisite: AKC CGC class.
Growls to Grins
Saturdays 11:30am- 4 Weeks
10/6, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3
Does your canine companion have trouble getting along with other dogs, is he scared of people and new things? This class will teach new coping skills, different choices for your dog and some basic massage techniques for relaxation and calmness. Using a combination of these skills will help you both work as a team to deal with other dogs, people and new situations.
Advanced Tricks-
Fun with Props and Targets
Saturdays 1pm- 4 Weeks
10/6, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3
Have fun teaching you dog advanced tricks. The focus of this class will be tricks that involve props. Build confidence, body awareness and take your trick skills to a new level. Tricks learned in this class will come from Advanced, Champion, Performer and Elite Performer titles.
AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing
We will be running Canine Good Citizen testing in October. If your pup is ready to test- Please email to schedule a time.
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At Lucky Dog Company our goal is to help people work with their dogs to build strong bonds, positive relationships and good behaviors. We offer all types of training from puppy, obedience to agility and tricks. Our classes usually have 3-6 dogs per class enabling us to have a safe relaxed environment. Socialization activities, positive training, and relaxed supportive atmosphere help to create the best environment for learning new stuff, modifying and changing behavior for the better. We help people & their dogs be the best they can be!
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