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President's Message
Craig Steele 
President PCA Redwood Region

Fall means change and the Redwood Region is concluding it’s 2018 Schedule of Events, I see significant shifts on the horizon as I’m preparing to pass my gavel to our Vice President and become the newest past president. My two-year term has be a wild ride.

Thinking back to the 2016 Holiday Party when I began my term and all the changes had occurred since then. I have also been a ‘one door closes, a window opens’ kind of opportunist. So my life was feeling pretty predictable right up to my Dad’s passing in September 2017. Then ten days later, I found my family upside down. There we were homeless, without assets, loss pets and a Porsche and hopeless. This was our new reality. Loss is something we experience all the time, whether it’s a minor or major change, it’s either a relief or a disaster. Losing our home and its contents has had big impact on how I sustain forward momentum. My term of service has been about support a consistent stream of activities to match our need for enjoying our Porsches in a variety of contexts. We offer, tours, concours, driving skills, tech exchanges, social events, etc. However, this can come at the expense of other losses. Venues we once expected to be available for our enjoyment go away. Team players we counted on drop out to pursue other interest. So loss always ushers in replenishment and renewal to sustain our PCA interest and participation.

We got a scare after our 2017 autocross season when the Sonoma County Airport manager informed us that he was not going to approve dates for our next seasons events. After some 40 years of auto crossing (AX) we found ourselves out in the cold. We were able to lobby to reinstate our 2018 season, however the message was clear we were at risk to lose our beloved site. As the leader of our region, it was painful to experience our final AX season and know we had no real location solution for our 2019 season. However, if you listen to my ‘one door closes another window opens’ attitude, we will figure this out. We had 60 Porsche drivers show up for our finale on October 13. We are exploring any and all ideas to move forward to find our next AX location.

I drove with two other Redwood members, 600 mile round trip to explore an old millwork that could be re-purposed for auto crossing. The opportunity for driving our Porsches to improve our driving skills and share the moment with friends and family is still out there. I know the window is open, it is just like building a new home and filling it with new memories; the same is true for the future of our region’s AX program. We thrive on change and finding a new venue for auto crossing is just within our grasp
Turning Passion Into Action
Chip Witt 
Redwood Region Vice President

I hope that it’s obvious...I have great passion for the Redwood Region of the Porsche Club of America. It’s not just the cars, our roads, or even the people, although they are all part of it. For me, the passion is really derived from the idea that, through some small amount of work in concert with other passionate, like-minded people, we can have more fun than we could in isolation, and can affect our community in profoundly positive ways.

I remember having attended several events with the club in my first two years. I had such a great time I was compelled to ask of Vern Rogers, the President of our region at the time, “How can I get more involved?” Asking that question unlocked the door to a four-year whirlwind that saw me take on many different roles for the club. Each opportunity had challenges, but I found help when I needed it and a sense of accomplishment and growing camaraderie with each new step. Through my participation, I have been able to work with others to make ours a club I am proud to represent and one I see great potential for in its future.

As I take the next step of putting my name up for consideration for President of the Redwood Region, I realize that I am doing so at a critical time. Many things are changing around us. Autocross, a type of event that has long been a signature of the Redwood Region, no longer has the certain future it once did due to the event site’s availability. The venues used for long-standing events on our calendar are becoming more difficult or impossible to secure. The makeup of our members is changing, as are their interests and the types of events they wish to attend. Many of these things are new for the club, and will require new thinking to address.

The next two years (and beyond) will come with many challenges, of this we can be sure. But I sincerely believe that these challenges, met with passion and teamwork, are truly opportunities in disguise; we need only step-up and confront them together. So, I ask you all to put your passion into action for your club in its time of need.

I look forward to receiving your email asking me, “How can I get more involved?”

A non-exhaustive list of current needs in the Redwood Region to spark thought:

  • New Board Members...positions open (or soon to be) include Vice President, Treasurer, Sponsorship Coordinator, and others
  • New Project Committee Members...we have planned projects to revamp our website platform, revitalize our community and charity outreach, and to grow and adapt our autocross and driver’s education programs
  • Authors and articles for our newsletter, der Riesenbaum
  • New ideas for events to consider for our 2019 calendar
  • Volunteers willing to help in organizing and executing a planned event on our calendar
  • Members willing to participate in an occasional Board Meeting
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Greg Matsumoto 
Autocross Chair

We’ve all heard this phrase several times, but at our Oct. 2018 autocross it resonated loudly in our hearts and souls! Our last 2018 autocross was a roaring success with a record 65 registered drivers! Enthusiasm reigned supreme! At the same time, it was bitter-sweet since County Supervisor Gore refused to renew our 2019 rental agreement. We are appealing his decision. But, let’s put those thoughts on hold right now.

Our 2018 autocross season was a year full of great experiences and memories. We worked hard on our driving skills, learning how to tweak our suspensions, getting the right tires and tire pressure and hitting the apex while missing cones. And, we struggled with, but finally figured out, how to class our cars with the confusing new zone system. By years end we ironed out all the small stuff and kept chipping away at our times.

Grady Carter continually found ways to improve our timing and scoring with software systems. At our last event, he and Himanshu Patel (from GGR), introduced us to a new era. We scanned a simple QR code and our times, place and PAX scores were immediately transmitted to our cell phones! Amazing stuff!

At our October event, Top Porsche times went to Andy Brian (38.156, ’72 914), Doug Brekke (39.142, ‘11 Boxster Sypder) and Brant Ballantyne (39.79, ’01 Boxster). Their great driving surpassed the newer Porsches with tons of horsepower.

Top Ladies times were Anita Benzing (43.44, ’74 914), Stacy O’Connell (43.758, ’04 Boxster S and Corrin Vanetti (44.179, ’13 911).

Top PAX times were Brant Ballantyne (36.472, 36.794, ’01 Boxster), Bob Schoenherr (’74 914) and Brigham Kenworthy (37.039, ’68 912).

Top Ladies PAX were Anita Benzing (39.278, ’74 914), Stacy O’Connell (39.557, ’04 Boxster S) and Corrin Vanetti (40.291, ’13 911).

Besides the driving, we had a myriad of experiences. For new drivers it was an eye-opening experience. Here's an excerpt of a post Ari had on Facebook after his first autocross:
"I just made my first trip to work and back on CA20 after being at autocross.
A Porsche 911 (talk about odd timing) came up behind me and I pulled over for it.
Normally I would have raced it for some youtube footage but I didn't. On the way home a logging truck was horizontal across both lanes pulling out of a dirt logging road and I wasn't time attacking myself and I had plenty of time to slow down...My mind was brought back to the AX course that Saturday afternoon. The green starting light lit. Everything I had studied, imagined and practiced went out the window. I could barely see the next obstacle, Bob is yelling perfect genius instructions and I’m stuck on stupid not registering or if I did it was hundreds of milliseconds late...I wish the politicians in Sonoma County understood exactly what you are doing for people. Safe and fun is something people greatly underestimate. It saves lives.Thank you for saving mine."

A first timer from GGR, told me that he was impressed with the friendly, open, supportive and relaxed group of drivers. He said, he hadn’t had the same experience of camaraderie at other clubs and regretted that he hadn’t joined us earlier in the season.

For our regular autocross sisters and brothers, it was a reunion, a joyful gathering of friends and sorrow hearing the supervisor’s decision. We took the opportunity to maximize our time by ending about an hour later than usual with more runs. And, after the autocross our largest group, for the year, gathered at Applebee’s for Happy Hour and dinner. It was a great last dance.

We are working hard to appeal Supervisor Gore’s decision ( Jim Winston is working hard to get Gore’s ear) and are scouring the region for new autocross sites. If you are aware of a site with about 5 acres, good road surface and away from residential areas please contact me

We are thinking out of the Chicago Box and are considering creative ways for a successful 2019 autocross season. It might be varied locations and initially fewer events. Regardless, we’ve adopted the Chinese adage, “Crisis brings Opportunity.” So, be prepared for Redwood Autocross 2.0!!!
Photo credit: John Jackson
2018 Porsche 968 West Coast Gathering
Kaj Hallstrom
Redwood Member

Again this year a group of enthusiastic 968 owners gathered on June 29 – July 2. We descended on the town of Sonora, CA in the Sierra Nevada foothills with our ultra-rare 968's. The weather was fantastic, though very hot. The eleven cars performed super, even with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees every day. Our annual weekend get together usually draws 968's from many states including Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Northern and Southern California.

We settled down in the classic old Sonora Inn and gathered Friday night to socialize and share some fantastic wines brought by our group. A quick briefing of Saturday/Sunday driving schedule took place.

On Saturday morning, bright and early, our route took us out on some tough winding back roads in very hot weather. The cars handled perfect. It just goes to show how well made these 25 year old beauties are holding up.

Our first stop was at Moaning Cavern. What a relief from the heat it was to descent hundreds of feet into the deep and 60 degrees instead of 105.

Our run continued north with more challenging (politely stated) roads and after turning south we stopped at Angels Camp Country Club for lunch and our yearly group photo.
Saturday night it was dinner and social time at Eberz Restaurant in Sonora.

Our Sunday drive started with breakfast in Columbia State Park before heading North. More windy roads would take us to Renwood Winery in Plymouth for a superb wine tasting and lunch.

Another fun 968 Gathering complete....We are looking forward to next year’s event.
Redwood Region Holiday Party
It’s amazing to think the Holidays are almost upon us but the Redwood Region Elves have already been hard at work planning another fun end-of-year party. We return to Marin County and The Club at Harbor Point in Mill Valley this year. We’ll be enjoying the food and ambiance provided by The Lighthouse, and musical entertainment provided by Julien of Good Time DJs. We hope you’ll join us for a plated dinner at $75 per person.

If you live outside of the area and need a place to stay to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety, The Lodge at Tiburon has graciously provided us with rooms at a 15% discount if you book by November 15. Call them at (800) 762-7770 and use Group Code #11N984, or visit this page .

Questions? Contact Chip Witt .
San Jose Sharks vs. Arizona Coyotes
Last year marked the first year the Redwood Region traveled down to San Jose to take in a Sharks hockey game. Due to the rush to coordinate attending a January game during the busy Holiday Season, many people that wanted to go ultimately could not. Those that did had an amazing time and we all agreed it was well worth making the effort to do it again in early 2019. With experience under our belt, we are planning a bit further ahead this year and are organizing now to go to the February 2, 2019 Sharks game vs. the Arizona Coyotes. Tickets are $100 per person and you will be responsible for your own parking and food costs at the venue.

We are initially limiting the group size to 25, but need to have full commitment from everyone planning to attend by December 14, 2018. Sign-up quickly to ensure you get the tickets you want (limited to 4 tickets per person). If we get the interest of more than 25 people, we can attempt to get additional seats, but there is no guarantee we will be able to get them. The MotorsportsReg page will support a wait list, so please sign-up even if you aren’t among the first 25.

Questions? Contact Chip Witt .
Board Meeting Minutes
Alan Geddes Redwood Region Secretary

Our next board meeting is scheduled for 7:00 pm on November 27, 2018 at Mary's Pizza Shack, located at  121 San Marin Dr., Novato . All members are welcome to attend. 

You can read previous board meeting minutes  here
Membership Report & Information
Tom Short Membership Director

In September 2018, 32 PCA Redwood Region members marked five or more years in the club, including two members with 40 or more years in the club and four who marked over 30 years!  

Congratulations and thanks to those with anniversaries. I hope you are enjoying your membership and taking advantage of all the great benefits our club offers.

Be sure to check out the  calendar   on our  website  and keep an eye on it as new events are added as we finalize them. I encourage everyone to participate in your club's events -- they're a great way to meet other PCA members and have some great fun with people and our amazing cars. 
If you spot any errors or have questions about membership, please  email   me. 
der Marktplatz
Kwik Lift including accessories (various bottle jacks, trolley jack, jack stands, wheel chocks and oil drain). $400 or best offer. 

Four 15x7 Fuchs wheels (probably originally on a 911SC, due to early 80s date code). Good condition with very dangerous R-compound tires fitted. Silver petals. $800 for the entire set.

Great lodging solution for builders or vacationers
2016 Keystone Cougar 327RES, 5th Wheel
Used, 32ft., 3 Slides, Sleeps 4, Odometer: 1100, Dry weight: 10590,
Perfect for long term lodging while re-building or camping on your destination vacation property.

1964 356C Coupe, #127106, Ruby Red/Black. 111,000 miles, CA car, same owner last 20 years. COA, Kardex, factory chrome wheels, new Pirelli tires, Grundig AM-FM-Cassette stereo, 4 speakers, transmission lock, Weber carbs, Koni shocks, Bursch exhaust, P.E. Products KT109-3 seat belts with crests, deluxe horn ring, Optima battery & charger. $80K.

Boxster Wanted

This Redwood member is looking for a 2009-20012 model 987.2 Boxster, preferably an S with PDK. My 2003 Boxster was rear-ended in May and subsequently totaled by the insurance company, so I'm in the market again. Reach out if you have one to sell or know of any coming on the market soon.

1995 928GTS for sale Red/Black 87000 miles. Everything works on this prime stock automatic. Exterior/interior are clean and correct showing only normal use. Well maintained by Porsche professionals and owner using all factory parts. Recent T/B and cam gears. Factory manuals plus many extra parts. Currant registration and smog, clean title and CARFAX. Owner since 2002. Used for touring only. $60K.

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