October  2018
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Conductor with symphony on stage Spooky Symphony
This gruesomely delightful concert is a real treat!
Written by Elisa Chemayne Agostinho

Pint-sized witches, ghosts and goblins eagerly lean forward in their seats as the lights dim. A shadowy masked figure steps up to the podium and dramatically raises his arms. And as the first icy fingers of music curl through the eerie silence, skeletons begin a herky-jerky dance across a giant screen, their bones going clickety-clack-clack. The Children's Trust Spooky Symphony extravaganza is back! Read more

Photo: Joshua Prezant
Little boy getting his temperature taken.
Sick Day?
When to keep a sniffling child at home
Written by Jeanne Muchnick

Your child wakes up feeling miserable. They're complaining of a stuffy nose and a sore throat but they don't have a fever. Should you keep them home or send them off to school?

It's an everyday dilemma for millions of moms, dads and caregivers as they struggle to weigh what's best for their children against scrambling to find - and possibly find the money to pay for - last-minute care.   Read More

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Little girl asleep in bed_ clutching an alarm clock.
Is Your Family Sleeping Smart?
Make bedtime better for everyone!
Written by Malia Jacobson

Even if everyone goes to bed on time without grumbling (ha!), ensuring your family gets the rest it needs to meet the day ahead can take some doing. The latest sleep research may surprise you - an interrupted night's sleep is worse than staying awake, for example - but when it comes to sleep, parents face a daunting task. Nearly every day, we're bombarded with a new study trumpeting the importance of healthy rest, and research shows that sleep deprivation contributes to a collection of health evils from depression to hypertension to obesity.
Read More

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