It's a family affair for Josh Warmund , Co-Chair of Masters 45+ Soccer for the 2019 Pan Am Games and 3x alumnus of Maccabi USA and Eve Chipman , Juniors Girls Soccer athlete and first time participant with Maccabi USA. Josh and Eve (uncle and niece) will compete as family and Team USA members in soccer at the 14th Pan Am Games in Mexico City!
2019 Regional Games
15th European Maccabi Games
The 2019 Games are projected to be the biggest Games in the history of the European Maccabi Games competition.
14th Pan American Games
The USA will be the second largest visiting delegation to Mexico City with 500+ team members.
Maccabi USA Missions:
Mexico City , July 5-15 | Budapest , July 29- August 7
Let Maccabi USA be your guide as you explore the beautiful city sights, taste international cuisine, and participate in unique cultural activities. Best of all, you'll cheer on Team USA during the regional Maccabi Games!
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