2021 Volume: Edition 2
To our Sport for Life champions,

It has been a year since the pandemic first struck, forcing us all to embrace change and innovation as we face a brand new physical literacy landscape. At times it’s been difficult, and some hard lessons have been learned, but we’re confident that many organizations have done the work to weather this change and build back stronger. We’re looking forward to the coming months, as facilities begin to gradually reopen and the work of creating participant Long-Term Development pathways continues. 

In this newsletter you’ll find a Q&A with one of our PLAYBuilder champions, as well as interviews with physical literacy experts such as Adam Decker and Maia Rathwell. Also, you can check out a blog about bullying based on weight and appearance from our partner Sport’Aide, and a conversation with Oliver Lane of the Guelph Gryphons field hockey program in hour of Trans Day of Visibility.
Fencing expert weighs in on the magic of LTD and a positive environment

The first sport Maia Rathwell ever got hooked on was fencing, when she was 12 years old.

Now a Long-Term Development enthusiast and fencing coach in Croatia, she’s passionate about using a CrossFit mentality to create a sense of inclusion with her athletes. Recently she connected with Sport for Life’s Zoran Stojkovic about how she has used Long-Term Development principles to create pathways for everyone.

Sport for Life LTD advisor Adam Decker signs on to assist New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils have enlisted Sport for Life Long-Term Development Advisor Adam Decker as a performance scientist and assistant strength and conditioning coach. As a long-time hockey enthusiast, and a professional trainer for the past eight years, the role is an exciting chance for Decker to work on the front lines of the NHL.

“It’s hard to say what a typical day is because things change so quickly day-to-day and even hour-to-hour. My major priorities are data collection and analysis, looking at workload, fatigue and monitoring, while working with injured players to help them return to playing,” said Decker.

Trans Day of Visibility: A Conversation with Oliver Lane

His fear was that he would run out of options.

When Oliver Lane first announced his gender transition to the University of Guelph Gryphons, he worried that he would no longer be able to be associated with the team he’d been playing with for three years.

He was going into the fourth year of his undergrad and had deep-rooted relationships with his teammates that he didn’t want to lose. That’s when the administration came to him with ideas for his future.

Conquering Collins: How the Long-Term Development pathway helped me learn to ski at 25

As a first-time skier this season, Collins green run on Cypress Mountain has been my ultimate challenge. After taking an hour to ski that run on one of my first attempts, it has both made me nervous and intrigued me ever since.

With COVID-19 restrictions limiting whom I can ski with, and with no plans to take ski lessons, it’s been a challenge I have had to rise to primarily on my own.

In February, I finally made it down the Collins without falling, with confidence, and in reasonable time too.

Putting an end to bullying based on appearance

Following a series of projects Sport’Aide collaborated on with ÉquiLibre to combat bullying on weight and appearance, they’ve released a series of three blog posts on this subject. The goal is to explain the phenomenon and find possible actions to deal with this problem.

It is important to understand that bullying is a group phenomenon which is related to the normalization of negative behaviours. In sport, we have the cult of performance and the myth of the perfect body, which can be very unhealthy. We must work together to change this culture.

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PLAYBuilder Q&A with Amanda Kornaga of Good Spirit School Division

Amanda Kornaga is the principal at Good Spirit School Division in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. She started using PLAYBuilder on May 1, 2020, to help support teachers with their lesson-planning for PE classes, help build the capacity of their division, and streamline resources. 

Sport for Life connected with Kornaga to hear how PLAYBuilder has been working for her school and educators.

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