2019 Volume: Edition 5

To Sport for Life champions worldwide,

It's hard to know where to start.

In the past month we hosted our International Physical Literacy Conference in Winnipeg, an event that only comes once every two years. We also announced our upcoming events in Sweden and New York. We've been keeping busy building relationships and embarking on international projects as the scope of our work continues to grow.

In this newsletter you’ll hear about how the quality sport and physical literacy movement continue to expand globally, and some exciting initiatives Sport for Life will be involved in over the coming years.
IPLC Winnipeg wows global audience

It was a lot to take in.

For the 300 delegates that attended our latest International Physical Literacy Conference in Winnipeg, there was an onslaught of experiences on offer. Starting off with a day of active workshops, we then spent the following three days hosting presenters from all over the world in the Fort Garry Hotel Conference Centre.

Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth

PLAY stands for Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth. It's a series of physical literacy assessment tools that determine the level of an individual's  physical literacy .

Sport for Life unveils Quality Sport videos

What’s the difference between sport and quality sport? It’s more than just the extra word.

When it comes to the type of athletic experiences that Sport for Life supports, we’re always looking for three things: good programs, good places and good people. It’s a simple formula organizations can implement into their existing infrastructure, ensuring that their athletes have the resources they need to succeed. Really, it’s just as simple as it sounds. It’s about taking your program to the next level.

Rally Cap revolutionizes Manitoba baseball

The latest Canadian craze in children’s baseball leagues is Rally Cap, a term that originally referred to a baseball cap worn inside-out. The name is apt, it turns out, because this new innovation is turning the baseball world upside down.

Baseball Manitoba’s executive director Jason Miller couldn’t be more sold on the concept. Since 2010 he’s seen the number of children under the age of 7 playing Rally Cap nearly double from 1500 to 2700. At the same time it’s revolutionized how most people imagine the game.

Sport for Life workshop keeps coaches on their toes

If you’re going to enroll in Sport for Life’s Physical Literacy Movement Preparation coach workshop, you should expect to sweat. This isn’t the sort of experience where you sit at a desk and listen to lectures; instead you’ll be running through the exact same warm-ups you’ll be taking back to your athletes / participants. And along the way you’ll be introduced to educational materials that are intended to transform your program while keeping all participants physically literate and injury-free.

Sport for Life athlete development program receives a flamboyant makeover

It may be a Canadian invention, but if Sport for Life’s Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity framework was ever going to catch on in Trinidad and Tobago it needed some local flavour. According to Kabir Hosein, the former chief administrative officer for the countries’ athletics federation, there just wouldn’t be large-scale buy-in unless the population felt ownership.

Sport for Life director inducted into Hall of Fame

It’s been over three decades since Sport for Life Director Tom Jones represented Canada at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, but he can still picture the look on his coach’s face the moment they qualified for semifinals. It had been a hard-fought battle against Japan, and would eventually lead the 27-year-old athlete and his teammates to a 4th place finish overall.

Physical literacy movement picks up momentum in Sweden

Physical literacy is catching on on worldwide, and nowhere is the movement picking up more steam that in Sweden. Later this year we will be co-hosting the International Physical Literacy Conference (IPLC) Europe in Umeå, along with co-host Change the Game Sweden, and in preparation organizers flew to Winnipeg in May to check out Canada’s version of the event.

Sport for Life announces New York as 2021 IPLC host city

On the last day of the International Physical Literacy Conference (IPLC) in May, Sport for Life CEO Richard Way approached the podium to make a big announcement: New York has been selected as the host city for the next conference, scheduled for 2021.

Sport for Life teams up to eliminate violence

Sport’Aide and Safe Sport International will be hosting an international conference in Quebec City next year from April 15 to 17 with the theme “Team up to Eliminate Violence in Sport”. It will be organized by Sport’Aide, an independent non-profit organization that offers guidance, support and orientation services for young athletes, but also to the various players in the sporting world.

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