2019 Volume: Edition 12
To all our Sport for Life champions, 

The work we do depends on relationships. 

Whether we’re developing one of our resources, hosting workshops or reaching out into communities to promote physical literacy and quality sport initiatives, we couldn’t do it without the enthusiastic support of our participants and partners. In this newsletter you can read all about the exciting collaborations we’re working on, and see how these relationships are bearing fruit.
Sport for Life shares Developing Physical Literacy: Building a New Normal for all Canadians

At Sport for Life, we believe in Kaizen, a process of relentless self-improvement. When it comes to the literature and resources we produce, we’re always looking for ways to update our thinking. This year we completed work on Developing Physical Literacy , a foundational text that aims to encourage regular physical activity in people from all sectors of society.

"Stories of Success" keynote panel highlights participant-centered experiences

They come from radically different worlds, but they all have a shared trait in that they have been successful in their journeys.

During the  2020 Sport for Life Canadian Summit , which takes place January 28-30 in Gatineau, three powerful female leaders will come together to discuss their lived experiences, talk about their identities, and share what they needed to become successful. 

Peace Arch Hospital Foundation invests in community's physical literacy future

It’s been over two years since the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation (PAHF) first launched their  Move 4 Life  project, which aims to address physical inactivity within the populations of South Surrey and White Rock, B.C.

At the outset, the foundation set itself a pretty lofty goal: for its two communities to become the healthiest in the country. And those behind the goal knew they wouldn’t be able to get there without mobilizing in multiple directions at once, engaging as many stakeholders and institutions as possible.

Sport for Life mobilizes inclusive physical literacy

Sport for Life is putting together a special team.

If sport and physical activity organizations across the country want to get serious about physical literacy development for participants with disabilities, then our PL 501 Inclusive Physical Literacy workshop is the perfect place to start. And now we’ve trained six new learning facilitators to continue mobilizing that knowledge far and wide across B.C.

Physical Literacy for Communities - British Columbia Initiative 2020 intake application is now open!
This community initiative, supported by the Province of British Columbia and delivered by the Sport for Life Society, seeks to improve the development of physical literacy in British Columbia, which leads to increased physical activity, positively impacting health and well-being. In total, the Physical Literacy for Communities - British Columbia Initiative will support 27 B.C. working groups over a four-year period in educating and activating local decision makers, increasing capacity by training leaders, and creating an environment to develop physical literacy in multiple settings and sectors.

Paralympian Cindy Ouellet shares story of success at 2020 Sport for Life Canadian Summit

She didn’t really understand what was happening.

Cindy Ouellet was a 12-year-old alpine skier and soccer player when doctors diagnosed her with bone cancer, radically altering the trajectory of her life. The following medical intervention cost her the use of her legs, and during her recovery she sank into a depression, devastated that she wouldn’t achieve her dream of becoming an Olympic athlete. Her parents took her to a physiotherapist who helped her clarify her life purpose again, and eventually she decided to take up wheelchair basketball.

Canadian Safe Sport conference to be held in 2020

When it comes to ensuring that athletes are free of discrimination and abuse, Canada is a global leader. Quebec in particular has been at the forefront of implementing safety measures, creating a blueprint that is now being used worldwide. Moreover, Sport'Aide -- a Quebec organization at the heart of this excitement -- will host the second Safe Sport International (SSI 2020) conference in Quebec City in April 2020.


PLAYBuilder was constructed to give organizations a simple solution for creating and sharing lesson plans that support physical literacy development and to provide happy, healthy lives through quality sport.

Content is being added daily, both from our physical literacy professionals, our clients and lead organizations.

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