2020 Volume: Edition 2
To our Sport for Life champions worldwide,             

Moving has never been more important.

As the COVID-19 pandemic dominates our thoughts, it’s important to keep in mind the role physical activity plays in keeping us healthy both mentally and physically. In this newsletter we explore some of the inspiring places our work has taken us , whether it’s the Northwest Territories, a CrossFit gym in the Comox Valley or Indigenous schools all across the country. Important work is being done, and lessons learned. Now it's our job to translate those lessons into action and find ways to maintain a healthy, positive lifestyle during these challenging times.
PLAYBuilder activities to stay active inside

Have you heard of PLAYBuilder? If you’re feeling out-of-sorts during this shutdown, there are endless activities on our new curriculum app to keep you busy with the youngsters. Instead of letting your kids park in front of the TV, why not try one of these simple games to get your kids moving and mentally engaged? We’ve altered them specifically for the current situation, so you don’t need to worry about spreading germs unnecessarily.

Celebrating Indigenous physical literacy

Every Indigenous school has its own unique needs, but one thing they have in common with the rest of the school system is it’s difficult to convince the administration and teachers to set aside meaningful time for movement and physical literacy. Following a project that aims to change that, Sport for Life is releasing seven videos that celebrate the accomplishments of Indigenous schools in Canada.

Bringing table tennis to the Northwest Territories

It’s been six years since Thorsten Gohl introduced table tennis to the Northwest Territories, overcoming a number of geographical and societal challenges that have historically made it difficult to create and sustain sport organizations. In a short time he’s seen the number of participants sky-rocket as students throw themselves into the pastime once known as ping pong.

Summit celebrates 15 years of success in the quality sport sector

Many successes were celebrated at the 15th Annual Canadian Sport for Life Summit in Gatineau, where more than 400 delegates came together for two full days of workshops, panels, and presentations led by sport leaders from across the country. This year’s program featured more than 130 speakers in 4 keynote presentations, 12 panel presentations, and 45 workshops.

Olympic mentorship reaches beyond sport achievement into everyday life
For Ram Nayyar, it took being bullied as a child to wonder who he really was.

The two-time Olympic badminton coach and author started off his life being bullied for his long braided hair, which led to him getting beaten up for looking like a girl. As he suffered in silence, he found himself asking hard questions about what exactly he wanted out of the world.

Four questions with Mike Shaw

Mike Shaw was coaching freestyle skiing all over the world, the culmination of a lifelong love affair with the sport, when an unexpected injury nearly left him quadriplegic in 2013.

As he began to heal, overcoming mental health hurdles and committing to being grateful every day, he found himself on a new track as an inspirational speaker and author. Sport for Life sat down with him to hear about the lessons he’s learned during his journey. 

Comox Valley seniors flock to crossfit

The program is for seniors, but they call them Legends.

In the small community of Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, one local gym has been encouraging physical literacy development in an unusual way: getting the older generation involved in CrossFit. And now that the gym has a steady cohort of nearly 20 participants, many of them are developing skills they never thought possible.

E-learning Introduction to Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity

This course has been designed to help you create fun, safe, positive, and developmentally appropriate quality sport and physical literacy experiences for people of all ages and abilities. The three main goals of Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity are to support the development of physical literacy, strive for excellence, and empower people to be active for life.

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