2018 Volume: Edition 1
Dear Sport for Life Champion,

The 2018 Sport for Life Canadian Summit and 2018 World Long-Term Athlete Development Symposium are less than two weeks away! This newsletter will provide information on both, as well as resources and updates to help you advance quality sport and physical literacy in 2018.
Regular Registration Rate Deadline Today!
The 2018 Sport for Life Canadian Summit is only two weeks away, and today is the last day to register at the regular rate. Here are five reasons you should attend:

  1. Quality and Variety of Presentations
  2. Innovative Workshops
  3. Inspiring Keynotes
  4. Opportunities to Network and Socialize
  5. Professional Development Points Available

If you have any questions, contact Hannah Mashon: hannah@sportforlife.ca

WLTAD in Two Weeks!
On January 26, 2018 in Gatineau Quebec, the World Long-Term Athlete Deve lopment (WLTAD) Symposium will take the lead in showcasing conversations between researchers, Sport for Life experts, and practitioners, addressing specific questions and challenges in the world of sport. The WLTAD creates a platform for researchers and coaches to discuss their individual discoveries for better 2-way communication and ongoing support.

If you have any questions, contact Hannah Mashon: hannah@sportforlife.ca
Early Specialization and Injury: What We Know
Early overspecialization, a focus on only one sport before adolescence, may help young athletes
perform better at an early age, but is generally harmful to their long-term development.

One particular area of concern is overuse injury, which may become chronic and career-ending
injury, related to increased training and competition in adolescence and pre-adolescence.
Research supports “integrative” training in multiple sports and activities, and use of “neuromuscular warm-up” in programs to reduce the incidence of overuse and chronic injury.

This webinar, presented by Dr. Nota Klentrou and other experts to be announced, examines the
problem and makes evidence-based recommendations for protecting young athletes. The
webinar will be available in English only.

Active Sudbury Launches Multi-Sectors Strategic Alliance to Enhance Physical Literacy
Active Sudbury has committed to a Physical Literacy for Communities (PL4C) initiative, engaging stakeholders from the community to deliver sustainable physical literacy programming aimed at improving the health and physical activity levels of its citizens. This is a THREE-YEAR PROJECT funded by an Ontario Trillium Foundation Grow Grant.

This goal of the project is to develop and support “PLAY Groups”, in four areas: Education, Sport and Recreation, Health, and Early Years. Each PLAY Group will aim to increase physical activity and participation in sport through a “developing physical literacy approach” within the City of Greater Sudbury. The focus will be on building the capacity of over 1,600 staff and volunteers to assess and deliver evidence-informed, high quality physical activity programs in these sectors.

Partners: SportLink – Greater Sudbury Sport Council, City of Greater Sudbury, Cambrian College Physical Fitness Management Program, Laurentian University School of Education, Sudbury & District Health Unit, Sport for Life.

For more information on how to incorporate the Physical Literacy for Communities approach, email Drew Mitchell, Sport for Life Director of Physical Literacy –  drew@sportforlife.ca.
Direct Instruction Matters for all Children
A child’s school readiness refers to the development of their foundational skills, their fundamental movement skills, and their attentive engagement in instructional situations.

This recent study outlines how, in just 10 one-hour-per-week sessions, we can significantly improve motor skill and reading (pre-literacy skills) in three- and four-year-old children through a cost-effective, simple, community-based program using fun games and activities.

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