Buffy Filippell -- The Joanie Appleseed of sports business recruiting

3-18-19 - Andy Dolich
Buffy Filippell, founder of TeamWork Consulting, has been honored for her vision and success.

Andy Dolich -- 2015

Buffy Filippell, Sports Business Journal Champion

By Andy Dolich

Buffy Filippell, the founder of TeamWork Consulting, has been a force of nature in fast forwarding proactive progress in the business of sports. She was recently honored as a 2019 member of Sports Business Journal's Champions: Pioneers and Innovators in Sports Business.

This is equivalent to the Hall of Fame for Sports Business. Many of us have been lucky enough to spend our lives working for teams, leagues, media organizations, professional tours, agencies, venues, governing bodies, startups, foundations, schools and conferences.

Buffy has devoted her career to building, innovating, nurturing, and teaching the development of the sports industry's most critical component, it's people. She is a PhD in personnel. Buffy is the Joanie Appleseed of planting and promoting the past, current, and future generations of leaders in every sector of sports.

In 1987 TeamWork Consulting launched the first retained executive search firm dedicated to sports. TeamWork also created the first online recruiting tool for sports which has placed over 100,000 candidates, many who are first-time sports job careerists.    

Buffy was the first to customize the concept of sports career job fairs. TeamWork was a beacon of diversity before glass ceilings and closed doors were shattered. Buffy sprinted forward in the business of sports by navigating through the windshield, rather than the rear view mirror, decades before GPS, analytics, metrics or algorithms.

Her unparalleled nuclear network of sports careerists never stops growing. Resumes be damned. Her heart, soul and institutional knowledge maximizes their passion, skill set, education, life-work balance, upward mobility, opportunity and bank balances.

The seeds of innovation planted by Buffy Filippell have matured into a powerful engine of institutions and individuals that are crafting the future leaders of the sports industry.
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Andy Dolich has over five decades of leadership in the sports industry, including executive positions in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, pro soccer and lacrosse. Presently Dolich is COO of the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) and teaches sports business at Stanford's School of Continuing Studies. Dolich is also co-author of the new book:

3-18-19 - Wrriors - Darren Yamashita
In the unpredictable NBA, on this night the lowly Phoenix Suns took down the first place Golden State Warriors on their home court, 115-111. Above, Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins (0) reaches out to defend a shot by Suns center Deandre Ayton (22).  Photo by Darren Yamashita.

Reigning in our hopes
By Howard Pearlstein

The Golden State Warriors seemed snakebit off and on most of this year. But, as with the little girl with the curl on her forehead, when they've been good -- like most recently against the Denver Nuggets -- they've been very, very good. And when they're bad -- like against the Phoenix Suns -- they're horrid.

And we fans, regardless of the fact that hundreds and thousands of things make up the world in which the seasons' games are played, we still expect them to hit the same mark they did in earlier years, when in reality things have changed.

The fact that they've done it so well so many times just makes us more demanding. We don't often take into account that their success makes them a target for every other team, especially the bad ones, because while the bad teams may not go to the playoffs, beating the Dubs is as good as it gets, so they put it ALL in.

What I mean is it's easy to SAY, "Threepeat," but saying it and doing it are two different things. Despite sprained ankles and bruised everything and season-ending injuries happening and playing 20 extra games last year and the year before and longer seasons and shorter recovery time, that threepeat still has to take place on the court, 12 minutes at a time.

So let's not get greedy, because these guys ARE top level professionals and so are the other NBA players.


Something I realized before watching the Houston game -- there's a big difference between the Dubs and all the other NBA teams: The Dubs KNOW they can do it, take it all.

The other teams? Some are pretty sure they can, others not so sure but willing to go for it, play it all the way.

But none of them KNOW it, because they haven't already done it year-after-year and know HOW they did it and EXACTLY what it took.


All the rest are trying to figure out what it will take.

The Dubs are trying to remember what it took.

And then I watched the game and realized it's in there, they still have it, just needs a little more dusting off, shining up, and oiling the creaky joints.

And we need to remember this:

It ain't over till the Point Guard shimmies!

-- Howard Pearlstein
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