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5-20-19 - Andy
Pau and Marc Gasol
5-20-19 - Andy
Steph and Seth Curry

Andy Dolich -- 2015

Band of

By Andy Dolich

When the NBA's Western Conference Championship tipped off on Tuesday, May 14 the Curry Brothers -- Steph and Seth -- made their parents -- Sonya and Dell -- incredibly proud, completely conflicted and the national focus on quality parenting. They were the first brothers to face off in an NBA conference final.

If you think of your hoops trivia, how many brothers have run on NBA courts since the league tipped off?

Here is a list of all the sets of brothers who have played in the NBA. ( Names in bold type are still running.)
1. Tom and Dick Van Arsdale
2. Jon, Brent and Drew Barry
3.  Jeff and Marquis Teague
4.  Dominique and Gerald Wilkins
5. Horace and Harvey Grant
6. Taylor and Blake Griffin
7. Pau and Marc Gasol
8. Brook and Robin Lopez
9. Jason and Jarron Collins
10. Stephen and Joey Graham
11. Bernard and Albert King
12. Brandon and Kareem Rush
13. Markieff and Marcus Morris
14. Willie and Shandon Anderson
15. Charles and Dudley Bradley
16. Ken and Ray Corley
17. John and Leon Douglas
18. Derek Fisher and Duane Washington
19. Bob and Dick Fitzgerald
20. George and Derrick Gervin
21. Glen and Grant Gondrezick
22. Al and Matt Guokas Sr.
23. Eric and Vinnie Johnson
24. Caldwell, Charles, Major and Wil Jones
25. Nick and Steve Jone
26. Russ and Ron Lee
27. Rodney and Scooter McCray
28. Al and Dick McGuire
29. Bill and Gary Melchionni
30. Ed and George Mikan
31. Calvin and Kenny Natt
32. Audie and Sylvester Norris
33. Ed and Charles O'Bannon
34.  Bud and Ralph Ogden
35.  Don and Mac Otten
36.  Jim and John Paxson
37.  George and Henry Pearcy
38.  Brent and Mark Price
39.  Jim and Mike Price
40.  Kenny and Phil Rollins
41.  Campy, Frank and Walker Russell
42.  Steve and Tom Scheffler
43.  Gene and Purvis Short
44.  Chuck and Wesley Person
45.  Brad and Mickey Davis
46.  Connie and Johnny Simmons
47.  Mike and Willie Sojourner
48.  Sam and Tom Stith
49.  Carl and Charles Thomas
50.  Justin and Jrue Holiday
51.  George and John Trapp
52.  Jay and Sam Vincent
53.  Michael and Morlon Wiley
54.  Gus and Ray Williams
55.  Jannero and Jeremy Pargo
56.  Mychel and Klay Thompson
57.  Marcus and Carl Landry
58.  Luke, Tyler and Cody Zeller
59.  Ben and Tyler Hansbrough
60.  Zoran and Goran Dragic
61.  Marshall, Mason and Miles Plumlee
62.  Steph and Seth Curry

If you named all 62 of them without looking it up, please seek immediate medical attention and then call Jeopardy for a tryout.

You also knew that the Jones Brothers from Arkansas needed only one more for their own starting five, to join Caldwell, Charles, Major and Wil.

There have been a number of dynamic duos.  If these brothers were to set up a two-on-two tournament, go ahead and pick the winners out of this group.
Marc and Pau Gasol
Horace and Harvey Grant
Bernard and Albert King
Jim and John Paxson
Brent and Mark Price
Dominique and Gerald Wilkins
Steph and Seth Curry

The Barry's, Jon, Brent and Drew, could challenge the Russell's, Campy, Frank and Walker, to a game of 3-on-3. That winner takes on the winner of the Zeller's, Luke, Tyler and Cody vs. the Plumlee's, Mason, Miles and Marshall. The two teams then square off in a 3-point shooting contest to find the winner.

You Look Just Like Me
How many of the brothers are DNA carbon copies of each other?
Robin and Brook Lopez
Markieff and Morriss
Tom and Dick Van Arsdale
Jason and Jarron Collins
Horace and Harvey Grant
Joey and Steven Graham

Since Father's Day is right around the corner on June 16, we know that Dell Curry might be the happiest hoop Dad around. I'll be back with my Father Knows Best  column right before Dad's Day.

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Andy Dolich has over five decades of leadership in the sports industry, including executive positions in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, pro soccer and lacrosse. Presently Dolich is COO of the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) and teaches sports business at Stanford's School of Continuing Studies. Dolich is also co-author of the new book:
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