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A runner's belt carries nourishment, credit cards...

Andy Dolich -- 2015

Run For Your Life

By Andy Dolich

This is the time you see the New Year's Resolution Runners all over the place.

The good news is that many have decided trying to get into and staying in shape is more important than binge watching the latest mind-numbing TV series or sampling the new mega-sized offering from their favorite Fast Food factory.

There is one major problem. Most people have never been taught to run properly. From our toddling days we just took off without proper training. Like snowflakes and DNA, no two running styles are alike. If you want to look good without pulling muscles try watching:
The Perfect Form | Runner's World https://www.runnersworld.com ' training ' perfect-running-form

I am not a running snob. Observing some of the running styles from the sidewalks of suburbia and beyond led me to create an easy reference guide to help categorize what you see everyday, running this way and that.

They are easily spied pushing and pulling their musculature at the beginning, middle or end of their runs. Their posing on a pole is worth waiting for at a light. In many instances, when their stretch is over, they jog to the closest caffeine cafe to loosen up with a latte and chocolate croissant.

Multi-Tasking Trotters
They may be running their mouths more than their legs in an animated phone conversation, telling their buds how fit they are becoming without paying much attention to that low hanging branch, uneven curb or parking meter..... Ouch! Have you seen my wireless earbuds? Can you call 911?

" I'm runnin here, I'm runnin here!" Pay no attention to my fully-filled runners tool belt. Phone, check. Second phone, check. Water bottle, check. Portable GPS, check. Backpack, check. These beasts of burden are weight lifting and running, the perfect combo.

Gotta Be The Shoes
The most expensive pair of running shoes these days are in the $250 dollar category. In the land of disposable income you can't be working on your proper pace without a pair of fresh, out of the box Nikes, Asics, Sauconys, Adidas, On Clouds or New Balances. Even better if you have upgraded to Adrenaline, Ultra Boost or Vapor Max.

These sprinting stylists have every part of their running body parts covered in some sort of compression item, arm sleeves, leggings, shirts and shorts. From head to toe they are cooler than school.

Windmill/Washing Machiners
Windmillers are maximizing their arm strength and swatting bugs as they whip their appendages in a 360 circle, hoping to take flight.

Trotting Gangs
The Sharks and Jets of West Side Story have nothing on the posses who take to the streets to get in their exercise. They own the sidewalks so watch your step or there could be a rumble.

This group is extremely lucky that their head bouncing seems to have no negative effects on their spinal column. They clearly have a spring in their step which is connected to their cranium bouncing along up and down, side to side.

The Dog Show Trot
All you have to do is watch "Best in Show" for a few moments of hilarity on those who do the "Bowser Bounce" while showing their pooches for ribbons. You'll easily be able to spot them running around town even without their woofers. Pay attention to their baggies.

Roller Strollers
There is no better way to bond with the babies than pushing your heart rate up while navigating that Bugaboo running-stroller with you at the controls. Twins, even better.

Miscellaneous Movers
Shufflers, Heel & Toers, Silly Walkers, Backwards Runners, Barefrooters, Footshoers, Handweighters. No matter what your style, keep on putting one foot in front of another for as long as you can.

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Andy Dolich has over five decades of leadership in the sports industry, including executive positions in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, pro soccer and lacrosse. Presently Dolich is COO of the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) and teaches sports business at Stanford's School of Continuing Studies. Dolich is also co-author of the new book: