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4-17-17 - A's
For the Athletics, the Oakland Coliseum has been tarped over since 2006.

An Open Letter To Raider Fans
By Thomas B. Tarp, aka Blackie
I'm sure you've seen and read what my brother, Greenie, and the Oakland A's just pulled off.
That's right, Greenie is on a roll and taking a hike. He negotiated a sweet deal for the fans of the Green and Gold and all seats that can see clearly will now only cost $15 for the remainder of the season.
To show how much he is Rooted in Oakland, half the proceeds from tickets sold during the upcoming ten-game home stand will be donated to Oakland Promise, which aims to triple the number of Oakland High school students going on to college.
Look, I'm royally P.O.ed, like every other Silver & Black fan, that our team is heading to the Nevada desert sometime in the future. Until then, why not show the rest of the country and those Neon Vegans what Oaktown is all about?
The Raiders say they were sold out last season.
The Raiders claim to have 14,000 or more names on their season-ticket waiting list.
You've seen me covered up at every home Raiders' game since February of 2013. The Raiders rolled over 11,000 seats on Mount Davis to help the then struggling Silver & Black avoid TV blackouts. This reduced the Coliseum capacity to 53,250, the smallest in the NFL at that time.
Greenie and I have rolled up and down at the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum (OACC), Network Associates, McAfee,, and now back to OACC.
For the first time in 14 years, the Silver & Black had a magical turnaround this year and made the playoffs. I can't wait for kickoff this season but me and the Raider Nation have our eyes on a bigger prize. I'm ready, willing and able to roll back to move forward, ASAP.
I'll show you 11,000 seats that could be sold in no time! Market these newly freed-up seats for $50 bucks or less, for each of the ten home games. Follow the A's lead and pick a local charity to partner with.

4-17-17 - Raiders
For the Raiders, the Oakland Coliseum has been tarped over since 2013. Removing the tarps would open up 11,000 more seats. 

My Simple TARP Plan

*  I've got 11,000 opportunities (seats) for Raider Nation to add to the noise for however long they  play at the Coliseum.
*  This is a perfect time for Mark Davis to do good, right now. The Raiders could ask for a special  TARP roll-up vote by NFL owners. Would anyone with a heart and soul say, "No?"
*  It takes a day or so for the Coliseum staff and about $20,000 to make this happen.
*  Mr. Davis, tear these tarps down!

If you are ready to buy a ticket to a Tarpless Mt. Davis, send an email on my behalf for a Silver & Black Rollback to and it will be forwarded to Coliseum officials.

Let's get a head start on the new season. The Raiders will be rooted in Oakland for at least the next two seasons. Time to show the sports world that we have nothing left to cover up.
The Twin Tarp brothers, Blackie and Greenie, were manufactured in 2001. 
They worked in a number of rolls until they were selected through a national competition to become part of the great Coliseum Coverup. Growing up they provided shelter from the elements, protected brickwork, masonry, wood piles, farmers, markets, holey roofs and even tarpped at field level during baseball rain delays. The Mt. Davis roll out became national news in 2006 for the Oakland A's and in 2013 for the Oakland Raiders. Greenie is now retired and plans to be his own tent on camping trips to every state park in America.
Blackie doesn't know 
how long he will be hanging around. 

3-6-17 - Pops

Michael King (left), with an associate from USF (center), and Karla Granadino-King, are pictured at the Olympic Club in San Francisco,  proudly sharing with the world their  Pops Premium Rumpopo. A King family secret, Pops Premium Rumpopo is a  delicious rum cream liqueur recipe brewed in the family tradition.  The award winning recipe is a Belizean family favorite and now available at all Total Wine & More stores in California and Bay Area retailers.
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