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Andy Dolich -- 2015
Andy Dolich
Presidents' Day

By Andy Dolich

Today we celebrate George Washington's birthday. Please feel free to honor the other forty four presidents of the United States, even though Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms and is counted as both the 22nd and 24th chief executive who hung out in the Oval Office.

Last week KNBR's Brian Murphy was recounting a lunch with Bay Area Sports Yoda, Sam Spear. On the way to the meeting with Murphy and friends, Sam tripped and sustained a serious arm injury but showed up anyway.

In the midst of battling through the fog of his pain, Sam pulled this question from the backstretch. "Name four colleges which have produced a U.S President and Heisman Trophy winner."

Murph quickly responded, "West Point, Dwight Eisenhower and Pete Dawkins."

" Wrong!," said Sam, dealing with his aching arm which ultimately sent him from the lunch to a local hospital.

In fact, Murph was correct.

Once I found out that Sam was on the mend it hit me that some Political Football on Presidents' Day might be the prefect Get Well present. This is the one Sam wanted to ask.

Name the four colleges which have produced a U.S. President and a Super Bowl-winning Quarterback. (Hint: One is in the East, two are in the Midwest and one on the West Coast. See answers below.)

Schools with a president of the United States and a Super Bowl-winning quarterback
*   United States Naval Academy -- Jimmy Carter, 39th president; and Roger Staubach (1972, 78)
*  University of Michigan -- Gerald Ford, 38th president; and Tom Brady (2002, 04, 05, 15, 17)
*  Miami of Ohio -- Benjamin Harrison, 23rd president; and Ben Roethlisberger (2006, 09)
*  Stanford University -- Herbert Hoover, 31st president; Jim Plunkett (1980, 83) and John Elway (1997)

In thinking about Sam's original question for his lunch bunch, I'm giving this one a shot.

Schools with a president of the United States and a Heisman Trophy winner
*  United States Military Academy -- President Dwight Eisenhower and president Ulysses S. Grant. Heisman Trophy winners Doc Blanchard (1945), Glenn Davis (1946) and Pete Dawkins (1958)
*  United State Naval Academy -- President Jimmy Carter. Heisman Trophy winners Joe Bellino (1960) and Roger Staubach (1963)
*  University of Michigan -- President Gerald Ford. Heisman Trophy winners Tom Harmon (1940), Desmond Howard (1991) and Charles Woodson (1997)
*  Stanford University -- President Herbert Hoover. Heisman Trophy winner Jim Plunkett (1970)
*  Yale University -- President William Howard Taft, president George H.W. Bush, and president George Bush. Heisman Trophy winners Larry Kelley (1936) and Clint Frank (1937)
*  Princeton University -- President James Madison and president Woodrow Wilson. Heisman Trophy winner Dick Kazmaier (1951)

Presidential players: Put me in, coach
There were a few leaders of the free world who developed their love of full contact politics by actually playing football in college.

*  After Ronald Reagan portrayed the legendary Notre Dame freshman running back, George Gipp, in the Knute Rockne Story and before he told Mr. Gorbachev to "Tear Down This Wall," Reagan was an undersized lineman for the Red Devils of Eureka College in Illinois.
*  President Gerald Ford was an All-State high school football player in Grand Rapids and took his gridiron skill to the University of Michigan, where he played center. The Wolverines won the mythical National Championship in 1932 and 1933. Ford was voted the team MVP in 1934 and had offers to turn pro. Ford decided to take a coaching job at Yale but gave that up when he was accepted to their law school.
*   Dwight David Eisenhower, our 34th president and Supreme Allied Commander in World War II, was a star gridder at West Point and the Army's star running back, Pete Dawkins, won the Heisman in 1958. Dawkins was following Eisenhower's path as he rose to the rank of Brigadier General. Many thought Dawkins could have made a run to the White House, like Ike.

One more to keep you rolling in dough at your favorite watering hole on Trivia Night:

Name the college which produced a president who owned a professional football team in a league which went out of business.

Hail to the Chiefs!

Andy Dolich, President, Dolich Consulting -- Dolich has held executive positions in the NFL (San Francisco 49ers), NBA (Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers), MLB (Oakland A's), NHL (Washington Capitals) Pro Soccer and Lacrosse. Dolich is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Menlo College and co-author of

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