4-2-18 - Dodgers - O'Malley
4-2-18 - Dodgers
4-2-18 - Mikio
Los Angeles Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley
Diamond Vision on display at Dodger Stadium
Mikio Matsubayashi brought Diamond Vision to America

Andy Dolich -- 2015
Andy Dolich
Visionary With Diamond Vision

By Andy Dolich

This year 135 million fans will be watching their favorite teams, sports, stars and most importantly themselves on video boards in the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL venues from coast to coast. They won't have the slightest idea who made their in-game experience that much more enjoyable.

In the U.S. alone there are close to 30,000 video screens in stadiums, ballparks, arenas, and other sports/entertainment venues. The man who started all of this in 1980 was born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1938.He was in the city with his family on August 6, 1945 when the Enola Gay dropped her horrific atomic payload, killing over 100,000 residents. Mikio and his family miraculously survived.

In today's sports palaces some facilities have multiple screens installed; main video, ribbon boards, concourse signage, and public marquees next to interstates. Venues are installing them in concourses, clubs, bars, press rooms and in locker rooms. Every major college football team has a video screen. The last holdout was Notre Dame, which installed two screens this past summer. 

In the past few years high schools have seen the value in digital advertising. They have done a great job of selling sponsorships to create new revenue streams for their schools.

Mikio Matsubayashi was the Johnny Appleseed of sports video boards in America. He recently passed away after a valiant battle with cancer. His memorial service will be on April 7 in Southern California.

Mikio was our friend, along with hundreds of executives throughout the sports world. Fred Claire, a longtime Dodgers executive and I thought that his story deserves to be told in depth to millions who have benefited from his vision, future focus, marketing savvy, business building and network of sports venues throughout America. The business of sports has grown from millions to multiple billions of dollars due in large part to his unique skills and positive personality.

Mikio worked for Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company (TEAC) and Mitsubishi-TRW in the '60s and '70s. Through TEAC he met former baseball commissioner General William Eckert, who introduced him to Los Angeles Dodgers owner, Walter O'Malley.

The understandably proud owner of the Los Angles Dodgers celebrates his team's remarkable achievement. Diamond Vision continues to shape the sports world today.

In 1979 Mitsubishi Electric of Japan developed a large outdoor video system they wanted to market in the United States. They came to Mikio for advice, hoping to introduce it at Yankee Stadium. The 1980 All Star baseball game was to be held at Dodgers Stadium, so Mikio asked Mitsubishi to bring the system to Los Angeles instead.

In English, Mitsubishi translates to "three diamonds," so Mikio named the video system, Diamond Vision. It was installed in time for the game.

Mikio Matsubayashi and Diamond Vision created a revolution that led to a multi-billion dollar global sports business. The next time you smile at Kiss-Cam, say, 'thank you,' to Mikio.

Andy Dolich, President, Dolich Consulting -- Dolich has held executive positions in the NFL (San Francisco 49ers), NBA (Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers), MLB (Oakland A's), NHL (Washington Capitals) Pro Soccer and Lacrosse. Dolich is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Menlo College and co-author of

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