9-3-18 - Andy
Dennis Eckersley served up Kirk Gibson's walk-off homer in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series

9-3-18 - Andy
Dwight Clark's remarkable catch from Joe Montana changed the 49ers history  

Andy Dolich -- 2015
Andy Dolich
Mind Blowing (Oh Yes!), 
Heart Breaking 
(Oh No!)

By Andy Dolich

I was lucky enough to work with Dwight Clark during my time with the San Francisco 49ers. Dwight was so much more than "The Catch." The sadness throughout the Bay Area and beyond caused by his passing had me thinking about the moments in sports that lift spirits of entire communities and break our individual hearts in the blink of an eye.

I sent out a simple question to a number of friends and colleagues in the world of sports. "Name your No. 1 Go Crazy with Happiness moment and add in the Soul Crusher which you still haven't recovered from. Base it on the city you have spent of most of your career or life living in.

The responses came back quickly and in as short as one word and as long as nine paragraphs. Geographically 30 locations are represented.

Let's start out in our own backyard, many of these are ingrained in our collective sports memories forever.

San Francisco
Oh Yes! -- "The Catch"
49ers winning five Super Bowls
Giants winning 2010, 12, and 14 World Series
Oh  No! -- Roger Craig fumble in 1990 NFC title game
McCovey's line drive out to Bobby Richardson

Oh Yes! --  Final out of 1989 World Series. A's win!
Warriors win back to back NBA Titles
Oh No! -- Kirk (#$@&%*!) Gibson's home run in 1988
Sprewell socks Carlesimo in the jaw

San Jose
Oh Yes! --  Pat Tillman's title game for Leland High School
Oh No! -- Canucks beat Sharks in 2011 with the double OT bouncing puck

Oh Y es! -- Kings move from Kansas City to Sacramento in 1986
Vivek Ranadive and Mayor Kevin Johnson saves team from moving to Las Vegas and opens Golden 1 Center in 2016
Oh No! -- Chris Webber's knee injury vs. Dallas in the 2003 Western Semifinals

Berkeley and Palo Alto
Oh Y es! -- The Play
Oh No! -- The Play

San Diego
Oh Yes! --  Chargers beat Indianapolis Colts in 2007 AFC playoffs
Oh No! -- Chargers move to Los Angeles

Oh Yes ! -- Seahawks win first Super Bowl title in 2013
Oh No! -- Seahawks lose 2014 Super Bowl to New England Patriots. Give the ball to Marshawn!

Los Angeles
Oh Ye s! -- Kobe Bryant scores 60 in his retirement game.
Oh No! -- Vince Young's last second touchdown for Texas vs. USC

New York
Oh Ye s! -- 1969 Mets' Miracle World Series victory over the Orioles
Oh No! -- Boston Red Sox comeback from 3-0 deficit in 2004 to beat the Yankees for the American League pennant

Brooklyn, New York
Oh Ye s! -- Dodgers win 1955 World Series over the New York Yankees
Oh No! -- Bobby Thomson hits the "Shot Heard Round the World" into the lower left field bleachers off of the Dodgers' Ralph Branca

Oh Ye s! -- Greatest game ever played between Colts and the New York Giants in overtime in 1958
Oh No! -- New York Nightmares - Colts lose to the New York Jets; Orioles to the New York Mets and the Bullets to the New York Knicks

Oh Ye s! -- Bill Mazeroski's walk-off home run vs. the New York Yankees in 1960
Six Lombardi trophies for the Steelers
Oh No! -- Steelers loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXX

Oh Yes! -- Red Sox win the 2004 World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals
New England Patriots' five Super Bowl titles
Oh No! -- Red Sox' Bill Buckner boots the grounder in Game Six

Oh Yes! -- Eagles win the 2018 Super Bowl
Oh No! -- 76ers go 9-73 in 1972-73

Oh Yes! --  Diamondbacks win World Series in 2001
Oh No! -- Arizona Cardinals losing to the Steelers

Salt Lake City
Oh Yes! -- John Stockton's game winner to beat the Rockets in 1997 and go to Finals.
Oh No! -- Michael Jordan's game winner in the NBA Finals over the Jazz in 1998

Columbus, Ohio
Oh Yes! -- Anytime we beat Michigan
Oh No! -- Anytime we lost to Michigan

East Lansing, Michigan
Oh Yes! -- MSU/Magic Johnson beats ISU/Larry Bird in 1979
Beating Ohio State in football.
Oh No! -- UCLA beats MSU in the 1966 Rose Bowl
Losing to OSU in football

Oh Yes! -- Cavs win NBA title in 2016
Oh No! -- The Cleveland Browns, take your pick

Oh Yes! -- Detroit teams win NFL, NHL, and MLB championships in 1936
Oh No! -- Detroit Lions; No Super Bowls for you

Oh Yes! -- Twins over Braves in 1991 World Series
Oh No! -- 1998 Vikings' loss in NFC Championship to Atlanta - Gary Anderson's missed field goal

Oh Yes! -- Opening of FedEx Forum next to Beale Street
Hiring of Jerry West and Hubie Brown
Oh No! -- Drafting Hasheem Thabeet over Steph Curry and James Harden

Oh Yes! -- Broncos first Super Bowl win in 1998. John Elway goes "Helicopter"
Oh No! -- 1997-98 Nuggets lose 23 in a row

Oh Yes! --  HMMMMM?
Oh No! -- NBA Finals losses in 1995 and 2009

Trenton, New Jersey
Oh Yes! -- American University wins Governor's Cup basketball title in December of 1966
Oh No! -- Bench warmer Andy Dolich goes 1-2 from the foul line after starter Bobby Veldran leaves with injury

Washington, DC
Oh Yes! -- Caps win Stanley Cup in 2018
Oh No! -- Final game of Washington Senators' in 1971
Caps lose in 4 OTs to New York Islanders

Oh Yes! --  Beating the New England Patriots in 2006 AFC title game
Oh No! -- Losing the 2010 Super Bowl to the New Orleans Saints

Birmingham, AL
Oh Yes! -- Anytime we win a national football championship
Oh No! -- Anytime we lose to Auburn and don't win a national football Championship

Boise, Idaho
Oh Yes! -- Boise State fans love of the Blue Turf.
Oh NO! -- Rest of the country thinks their TV set is screwed up

The Moon
Oh Yes! -- Alan Shepard hits a 6 iron long and straight on Feb. 6, 1971
Oh No! -- Shepard's shot flies the crater. Caddy still looking for the ball

Andy Dolich has over five decades of leadership in the sports industry, including executive positions in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, pro soccer and lacrosse. Dolich teaches sports business at Stanford's School of Continuing Studies and is co-author of the new book:

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