11-26-18 - Andy
Bol Bol as a freshman for the Oregon Ducks.
11-26-18 - Andy
Father Manute Bol as a Golden State Warrior
Your viewing aid for seeing
Bol Bol this basketball season
Andy Dolich -- 2015
Andy Dolich
Bouncing Bol 

By Andy Dolich

On Tuesday, Nov. 16 a heavily recruited, highly publicized University of Oregon freshman basketballer had 24 points and nine rebounds as the Ducks took care of Syracuse at Madison Square Garden in the 2K Classic.

I immediately checked the Cal and Stanford home schedules to figure out when I could see this phenom, the son of a famous and beloved Golden State Warrior. Unfortunately his Ducks won't be making the normal home and home visits to Berkeley or The Farm for Bay Area college basketball fans. This Duckling Dandy is going to be hard to see in person unless you travel up to Eugene or down to LA when his team visits UCLA or USC. You might see him leading his team at the Pac-12 Championship in Las Vegas.

You can tune into FS1 on Feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m. when the Bears run up and down the crazy looking court in Eugene. If you are a Stanford fan the Cardinal will be on ESPNU on Feb. 10 at 5 p.m. to take on the Ducks.
Pac-12 Conference-controlled broadcasts include 48 games on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU (including three Pac-12 tournament games), 20 on FS1, two nationally each on FOX and CBS broadcast networks and 149 on Pac-12 Networks (eight Pac-12 tournament games). Additional appearances will be made through other conference television agreements and various in-season tournaments to bring the comprehensive broadcast total to more than 260 events.

As part of the 48 package games on ESPN Networks, five are set for ESPN -- Stanford at UCLA on Thursday, Jan. 3; the regular season finale of Oregon at Washington on Mar. 9; and three games of the Pac-12 Tournament -- with an additional 14 contests designated to flex on ESPN or ESPN2 and seven others assigned to ESPN2. ESPN's season-long Pac-12 coverage will culminate with the 
Pac-12 Championship Game on Saturday, Mar. 16 at 7:30 p.m. PT. Games aired on an ESPN network will also be available through the ESPN App, accessible on computers, smartphones, tablets and connected devices to fans who receive their video subscription from an affiliated provider.

If you are confused, talk to a friend who is an expert in Pac-12 broadcast scheduling to figure out your ability to see this high flying Duck on the tube.

An appreciative endorsement to Andy Dolich
by author Leigh Montville

11-16-18 - Andy
Book jacket of Manute: The Center of Two Worlds, by Leigh Montville and 
Manute bobblehead

So now that we have given you the broadcast road map back to our star in the making, he was born on Nov. 16, 1999 in the hoops hotbed of Khartoum, Sudan. The youngster is now five inches shorter than his legendary basketball father at 7 feet, 2 inches. He has played on four different high schools in Kansas, California and Nevada. His name is Bol Bol. Is there a better name for a basketball star than Bol Bol?

His late father, Manute Bol, all 7 foot, 7 inches of him became a fan favorite with the Golden State Warriors from 1988-90 and 94-95. The Dinka Dunker was the only player in NBA history with more blocks than points in his career. The ultimate mad scientist of basketball, Don Nelson, used Manute in many of his on-court experiments. Sadly, Manute passed away in June of 2010.

His son, Bol Bol, will continue to raise eyebrows during this season. No matter how difficult he may be to see locally, he won't be disappearing anytime soon.

Andy Dolich has over five decades of leadership in the sports industry, including executive positions in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, pro soccer and lacrosse. Presently Dolich is COO of the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) and teaches sports business at Stanford's School of Continuing Studies. Dolich is also co-author of the new book:

11-26-18 - Amaury
Long-time broadcaster Hank Greenwald with a favorite Cuban cigar

Amaury Pi-Gonzalez

The Last Story --
A Tribute to a Broadcaster's Broadcaster

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez
SAN FRANCISCO -- The worst air quality in the history of San Francisco could not stop a wall-to-wall packed Perry's at Union Street to render tribute to Hank Greenwald on Friday Nov. 16. Greenwald passed away on October 22 at the age of 83.

One of the most popular bars and eateries in San Francisco and founded in 1944, Perry's was one of Greenwald's favorites places and where he always enjoyed a great cheeseburger. Gathered this day were a bevy of Bay Area sports media, broadcasters, engineers, agents, baseball executives, players, manager, friends and the family of Greenwald for an emotional tribute. His wife Carla, son Doug -- also a baseball play-by-play broadcaster -- and daughter Kelly spoke to a totally packed Perry's. Also speaking was Giants' top executive Larry Baer, along with the Giants' broadcasters Dwayne Kuiper, Mike Krukow and Jon Miller.

Greenwald began his career at his alma mater, the University of Syracuse, broadcasting their football games. He would go on to do the play-by-play of a former NBA team, the Syracuse Nationals. In the 1960s he called the games of the Hawaii Islanders of the Pacific Coast League.

Greenwald was a baseball story teller with great wit and delivery. He also called games for the Golden State Warriors with Bill King, but baseball was his passion and main sport. He called Giants games from 1979-86 and left after a disagreement with radio station management. For the next two years Greenwald went to work for the New York Yankees and returned to the Giants in 1989, when the team reached the World Series and were swept by the Oakland A's, 4 games to 0. He remained in San Francisco until 1996, when he retired and called 2,798 consecutive games. In his book, This Copyrighted Broadcast , Greenwald wrote about his disagreement with Giants' vice president Larry Baer as the reason for his retirement. In 2004, Hank was the television play-by-play announcer for the A's, with Ray Fosse doing color. In 2004 and 2005, he was the lead announcer for the A's.

Greenwald did not work during the "glory years" of the Giants' World Series run from 2010-14. His only World Series was the 1989 Earthquake Series. Hank had the ability to make an 8-0 lost for the Giants an interesting broadcast as his tremendous knowledge of the history of the game was his specialty. At Perry's, Krukow said that although he was a baseball player, he learned a lot listening to Greenwald talk about the history of the game. Kuiper got his start working with Greenwald. Truth be said, Greenwald could tell a baseball story as good as anybody.

One of Greenwald's most memorable calls was his great description of the final out in Game 5 of the 1989 National League Championship Series, which sent the Giants to the World Series for the first time since 1962. "Twenty-seven years of waiting have come to an end! The Giants have won the pennant!"

11-26-18 - Greenwald
During his career, Greenwald broadcast 2,798 consecutive games

11-16-18 - Greenwald
Signing his book, This Copyrighted Broadcast 

I am honored to have known Greenwald and for a few years I traveled with him on the road with the Giants. He could talk baseball before, during, and after the game and it was always a pleasure to listen to him.

I remember on a trip to Cincinnati, around the hotel as I was walking to I ran into Greenwald, who was smoking a Cuban cigar and told me there was a great Cuban cigar store just around the corner. I told him I didn't smoke Cuban cigars (although I was born in Cuba and I remember my father did smoke those Cohibas), Greenwald went on to tell me a lot about Cuban cigars, more than I ever heard from my father.

Among other memories I remember we where on a charter plane flying out of Pittsburgh and it was raining and the lightning was "big time." He asked me, "Do we really have to take-off like this?" We did and the take-off was a white knuckle ride.

At Candlestick Park we often talked behind the batting cage during batting practices. During night games, around 5 p.m. or so, the wind was swirling all over the place and he once looked at me and said, "So many places they blow up, and we still have this place here where they play baseball." Candlestick was not his favorite place, but can you blame anybody for that?

I will remember Greenwald as a Broadcaster's Broadcaster. Always prepared, always ready with lots of notes, a great memory and recollection of events and always ready to share with his audience, which he loved. One time after a night game, I was leaving Candlestick Park after another terrible Giants loss and Hank was still in the press box doing the post game. Then a fan outside yelled, "Hey Hank, we'll get 'em tomorrow!" thinking I was Hank. He got a kick out of that, as it happened quite regularly. I told him I was "his double."

The Bay Area broadcast booth in the sky now features Bill King, Lon Simmons, and Hank Greenwald.

Amaury Pi-González is the Spanish voice of the A's and since 2016, he's on the Advisory Board of the American Sportscasters Association in New York City.

Listen to the A's games in Spanish on KIQI 1010AM/990AM Bay Area, Sacramento and Stockton.
3-6-17 - Pops

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