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12-24-18 - Andy
Dubs, Oracle and Xmas Day await King James

Andy Dolich -- 2015

'Twas the night before Xmas...
By Andy Dolich

'Twas the night before the NBA's Xmas Day Game when all through The Town not even a last year Oracle fan was stirring with a frown.

Home unis all hung with care in hopes that the national broadcast tilt would soon be on the air.

The Dubs were all nestled in their extra long beds while victorious visions over LeBron and his Lakers dribbled through their heads.

When out from my 95.7 there arose such a clatter I sprang from my bed and tuned up sports chatter.

Away to my flat screen I flew to see who Coach Kerr had in his crew.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Golden State sleigh with Warriors all in hoops gear.

They came as he whistled, shouted and called them by name.
Now Steph
Now Dray, KD & Klay
On Iggy
On Shaun
Yo Kevon
On Damian and Damion
Quinn Cook and a Xmas Bell
Now Jonas and Alfonzo

Soon it will be time for Dubs fans to dance the Woogie with the exciting return of Boogie.

This incredible basketball franchise keeps focused like a laser with the brilliant direction of Kerr, Brown, Adams, Jarron and Fraser.

Steph cruised down the lane and to his team gave a whistle and away they all flew down the court like a missile.

I heard him exclaim, when he broke a Laker ankle crossing over right giving fans a treat,

Don't worry we are just getting started on the road to a Three Peat!

Andy Dolich has over five decades of leadership in the sports industry, including executive positions in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, pro soccer and lacrosse. Presently Dolich is COO of the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) and teaches sports business at Stanford's School of Continuing Studies. Dolich is also co-author of the new book:
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