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User of the Month : Dan Sheffer, MS, ATC - Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital

This month we are highlighting Dan Sheffer of Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital. Dan was one of our first SportsWare users in the early '90s when it was a DOS-based program. Dan talks about the relatively new sports medicine program at Lourdes and how successful their community outreach initiative has been.  

Parent/Athlete Login

SportsWareOnLine has recently released a new feature that gives parents the ability to access their child’s demographic information in SportsWareOnLine. This will allow the parent to update insurance, emergency, and other pertinent  data. Athletes, if a minor, will not be able to change any information except their login credentials. Additionally, they can only view or print exercises prescribed by the athletic trainer, as well as add and view appointments. The athlete is also now able to access quick treatments, which was previously restricted. Once the parent has created a login, the child will have restricted access if a minor. If the child is an adult, they will have the same privileges and editing ability as the parent. The athletic trainer will be able to view information associated with both accounts.

We have created step-by-step instructions for the parent to set up an account. They can be found here
Tip of the Month - 
Changing an Athlete's Current Sport

Have an athlete that plays multiple sports? Watch our video on how to easily change an athlete's sport from one season to the next. 

The Other Side of CSMi

Have you met the other side of CSMi? We manufacture and market the  HUMAC NORM (previously Cybex NORM) isokinetic system, HUMAC software upgrade for Biodex and Cybex systems, and refurbished Cybex and Biodex systems upgraded with HUMAC.

If you are looking for an objective return-to-play solution, an isokinetic machine can help. From computer upgrades for existing machines to the HUMAC NORM extremity system, we have a solution for every budget. Contact CSMi and ask for Rob Potash, 781.297.2034 x106 

Fireside Chat with Sue

A big thank you to all our users who stopped by our booth at the Big Sky convention.  We appreciate your support and the suggestions you always bring.

This month’s frequently asked question:  How do I add attachments for the athletes to fill out in SportsWareOnline?  Click here to watch how. 

If you have a question that you think your peers would benefit from the answer, please email and we will try and incorporate in our next newsletter.

Stay safe and warm. 


Survey Says - Waffles

Of those who responded, 77% said they preferred waffles.

This month's survey - mountains or beach? 

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