April, 2018
SportsWareOnLine™ provides Athletic Trainers the tools to collect and manage the data required to document athlete care. In this article we asked three SportsWareOnLine users how they go beyond simply collecting data, to using the information to provide better athlete care.
SportsWare Fundraising Tools
Like many athletic departments, there are limited funds yet no limit to departmental needs. There are many benefits of having a robust injury tracking system but often other needs compete for the funding. We have put together templates for you to use when reaching out to your Booster Club or Athletic Director, as well as a follow-up thank-you. These highlight the importance of SportsWare and can assist in your fundraising efforts.

If you have a successful fund raising idea others might appreciate please let us know. We will share it with the SportsWare User Group.
FAQ: How to add an injury to the Injury Picklist?
Recently Added Features
  • Permanent Notes
  • Concussion Toolbox
  • Electronic Data Transfer To Insurance Companies
  • 2017 New Feature List

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SWOL Video Tutorial: Coach's Portal
There are lots of ways to save time with SportsWare Online. One of the most productive ways is to teach others to use SportsWare.

Do your Coaches request Roster, Travel, or Player Status Reports? Introduce your Coaches to SportsWare's Coach's Portal and they can access this data 24/7.

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