January, 2018
CSMi is pleased to announce a free version of SportsWare Desktop

Starting February 1st, we will have a free version of our SportsWare Desktop software available for download. This will provide users a basic documentation program based on CSMi's original desktop SportsWare series compatible with Windows10.


Order today before pricing increases on Feb. 1st!!! This is your last chance to take advantage of our Pre-Sale pricing.

Do you spend hours verifying insurance coverage on your athletes? After all that work do you still receive unexpected bills when you send an athlete for an MRI because their insurance had lapsed or they did not have coverage? If you have these, or other issues related to insurance SportsWareOnLine’s new insurance verification module is your solution.

FAQ: How can I add new injury choices into my SportsWareOnline account?
SportsWareOnLine Exercise Database
The SWOL Exercise Database is where you can create custom exercise programs for your athletes accompanied with Pictures, Videos, and text descriptions. It comes with over 400 exercises and the ability to customize and create new exercises. If you don't already have the Exercise Database, contact your Sales Rep to add this to your subscription.
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SWOL Video Tutorial
How do I upload my athletes into SportsWare from an Excel Spreadsheet?
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