October, 2018
How do I submit SWOL injury data to the NCAA and Datalys?
This is a question we've been seeing a lot in recent months. To help our users, we put together the Datalys Jump start package We've also created a great training video to show you everything you need to know to start submitting today!
Are my athletes insured?
This is a question being asked all the time because the cost of being wrong is so high.
Do you spend hours verifying insurance coverage on your athletes? After all that work do you still receive unexpected bills when you send an athlete for an MRI because their insurance had lapsed or they did not have coverage? If you have these, or other issues related to insurance, SportsWareOnLine's new insurance verification module is your solution.
FAQ: How do I reset my SportsWareOnLline password?
SportsWareOnLine Treatment Grid
An easy way to add all your team's treatments for the day, the SWOL Treatment Grid now includes the ability to add the Date and Time, the AT providing treatment, and the Location where you treated your athletes. If you don't already have the Treatment Grid ( Utilities , Treatment Grid ), contact your Sales Rep to add this to your subscription.
Upcoming Tradeshow Schedule
Dec. 14-18. San Antonio, TX
Send your AD to come meet CSMi/SportsWareOnLine's President Rich Potash and your favorite Sales Consultant Sue O'Neill
SWOL Video Tutorial
How do I make sure my Users have the correct access in SportsWareOnline?
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