November 2023

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The Sportsman Voice vol. 83

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President's Welcome

Hello Chuck,

Thanks for supporting your fine organization.

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Thanks to everyone who attended this year’s PCSC Board Election. I believe it was the largest turnout that I have ever seen. I was extremely happy to see that many Members show up and take part in their Club. Thanks to Vice President Keith Eberly and the Board for providing the door prizes, I believe everyone enjoyed taking home a little something and a couple of people took home some nice knives and coolers. The 4H put on a fine dinner and again I would say best election night I have ever seen.

This year’s 4H Bustin' Pumpkins Sporting Clay event had record attendance as well. a

Again, it’s nice to see the community getting involved and supporting the youth.

We are very fortunate to have our club. I hope it continues to grow in the right direction and hopefully soon we will see some new additions to the facilities.

We want to take moment and give special thanks to member Bill Seeton’s fine boys who have served PCSC well in keeping our facility in clean and well-groomed condition. They have been with us long enough that they are no longer boys, but are, indeed, young men. We are so proud to have had Avery and Cody dedicated to their jobs at PCSC for many years. Good luck, gentlemen, in your future endeavors. We are happy to help you with some funding to help get you started. See below the communications from the boys and Michael Hogue, your Treasurer.

Please stay safe,

Ryan Donnell

Letters From Avery and Cody Seeton - Moving On

Dear PCSC:

We would like to let the PCSC know that after many years we are coming into a period of our lives where we cannot go on cleaning the range. I have been working and going to college the past 2 years and making it work, but now I’m transferring away to do school full time in Stephenville. Cody has now started a full-time job. This being said we much appreciate the years of work we have been able to do and having a job from such young ages (we were in 6th and 4th grade elementary) having a way to make money that early was good for us, and we thank y’all for everything. This is our formal way of giving our 2 weeks' notice, or whatever makes the most sense for y’all, just let us know.

Avery and Cody

PCSC acknowledges the notification and we thank you and Cody for work accomplished. You stated you were in the 6th grade when you started working here, I calculate that at 14 years. Is that correct?
Just let us know what is due when you guys do the final during August. Again THANKS
Michael Hogue
PCSC Treasurer

Dear PCSC,

I wanted to send a thank you message for the sportsman’s club.

We received y'all's letter in the mail and we were totally blown away. That money will go to good use and help us tremendously, it definitely will make paying for next semester easier for me.

Mom also found a pic of us on our first day of work for y’all so many years ago.

Avery and Cody

Meeting Notes

Election Results - October 2023

The 4-H started grilling before 6 pm for members who came to the Event Center to vote. We had burgers with all the fixin’s, chips, and homemade cookies. Keith brought four coolers full of goodies, several Benchmade sheath knives, ammo, and other sporting goods for the drawing. The meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm, and after the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance, the Board voted to suspend business in order to hold the annual election. Ryan and I passed out ballots and tickets for the drawings. Then, 43 members cast their votes, and the counting committee withdrew to the Clubhouse for the tally. Ryan drew tickets for each prize, and Keith enjoyed describing and handing them out to the lucky winners. We had so much fun with the drawing that I think we should make it part of the election every year!

The votes were counted, and the new Directors are:

James Taylor

Jim Groce

Ruben Sandoval

Jon Kitts

The Alternate Director is:

Dixon McKinzie

Officers for 2024 are:

Ryan Donnell - President

Keith Eberly - Vice President

Daniel Barnes - Secretary

Michael Hogue - Treasurer

Thanks to all the members who participated in the PCSC 2023 Board election.


Club Calendar

(click calendar below to access calendar PDF file)

Don't forget the WEBSITE EVENTS CALENDAR at bottom of our website front page. It is interactive with helpful event notes on some dates.

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PCSC Swap Meet

November 18 Next Swap Meet

Reservation of $10 Tables:

email at:

Phone: 817 247 8072

Call or write for table reservation.

Thanks! George Admire

Ft Worth Swap Meet Table Information

Original Ft. Worth Gun Show dates for 2023:


December 30 & 31, 2023

If you would like to help host our table at the Ft. Worth Gun Show. You can also contact us at or call 817 271 0467.

Keith Eberly is prime mover in this activity so contact him also if you like.

It is a fun time - it is amazing how fast the time flies when you are there.

Special thanks to all that helped this year !

PCSC Online Swap Meet News

Please Join: Link to Parker County Sportsman Swap on MEWE.

Please See this adjunct of our Swap Meet and note there are several new posts and special pricing on powder and primers. Accessing our MEWE Swap involves minimal personal information be posted on this social media platform.

Pistol Match 2nd Saturday

Parker County Sportsman Club

October 2023 Pistol Match

What a great weekend for shooting another pistol match at the club. The day started crisp with a cool 48 degrees but finished in the mid 60’s by the time the match was over. We had a great turnout too with 20 shooters.

Clic on document image or here to Read More

Centerfire Rifle Match 3rd Saturday

The rifle matches are held on the third Saturday of the month, except for January, July, August and December. Click on the link below to get the service rifle match schedule in PDF format. Also, Click on document images below to open PDF document.


November 18, 2023 Team Sniper Match Notice

Setup and registration at 8:00 AM

Safety meeting at 8:45 AM, Match immediately after

Range C:  200 yards, MR-52 Target

Two Person Teams (1 shooter / 1 spotter) or Individual Side Match

Cost: $10 per rifle

See October Match Results and Sniper Match Course of Fire below

22 Rifle Match 4th Saturday

22 Rifle Match is on the 4th Saturday.

Range B is CLOSED Saturday

MORNING on 4th Saturday

Match is from 8:00 am until 11:00 AM

or until completed

The October Match was scrubbed because of rain.

The NOVEMBER match is scheduled for the normal 8AM start time.

Shotgun News

Youth Activities

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