STEM learning encompasses various subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) to turn learning into knowledge that sticks! Review these educational options that delight the senses and encourage creativity through nature study, visual arts, scientific observation, and hands-on experiences.  

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Tyndale House Publishing

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Easy to Use. Fun. Kid-Approved. Fully Reproducible.

Bible lessons made easy.

Get ready for a fun-filled spring with the Super-Sized Book of Bible Lessons series, packed with reproducible, easy-to-use, and kid-approved activities for all interests.

Explore the great outdoors with The Super-Sized Book of Bible Activities: Exploring Nature for Elementary. Connect biblical truths to the wonder of God’s creation with children ages five to ten as they interact with the world around them.

“God bless this mess” with the hands-on craft gift ideas and activities is included in The Super-Sized Book of Bible Craft Gifts. These lessons will help kids ages five to ten to combine creativity, communication skills, and kindness, encouraging them to share their faith and generosity with others!

Don’t just keep your kids busy this year, keep them learning with exciting holiday and celebration lessons for children, all centered around Christ in The Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations!

Each resource is:

Fun: Includes kid-friendly Bible topics to get even the fussiest kids engaged!

Easy on the Wallet: Save time and money with reproducible sheets! Each craft calls for simple items and materials that are already found around your home or classroom!

Biblical: Introduce important Bible lessons and stories to your kids with fun crafts, activities, and games! They won’t believe they’re learning at the same time!

Find the perfect Super-Sized Book to reinforce Scripture and stories from the Bible and creatively make a permanent impression on your child’s heart, all while making fun memories! Learn more at

Blick Art Materials

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Incorporate STEM into your curriculum with STEAM-related lesson plans from BLICK! We have hundreds of free, original ideas for all ages and skill levels designed to meet the National Standards for Visual Art Education. All lessons include downloadable PDFs and a list of materials, which you can purchase online at or by calling (800) 828-4548.

Shop online at

National Outdoor Leadership School

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At the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), we craft our curriculum to give students the skills to solve challenges they will encounter in the world. As you explore nature through observation and application of ecological concepts, you develop a sense of place by experiencing wilderness and exploring relationships with the environment. You build leadership skills to communicate effectively, make sound decisions, demonstrate self-awareness, and display initiative by setting and achieving goals for yourself and your group.


NOLS uses experiential learning, a process that engages you in a direct experience and focused reflection to maximize learning. Before beginning an activity, students participate in a briefing to design a plan of action and integrate previous findings. Students practice scenarios when learning new skills and then apply them to genuine challenges in real-world activities. After each learning, debriefings provide time for reflection and growth.


Though we’re different from a traditional academic institution, our programs are recognized for teaching outdoor education, leadership, wilderness medicine, risk management, and conservation. With NOLS, you have options to receive academic credits towards a high school diploma or college degree.


Our mission is to be the leading source and teacher of wilderness skills and leadership that serves people and the environment. At NOLS, we provided transformative experiences for our students to grow tomorrow’s leaders. Begin your learning adventure with us today by visiting NOLS

TickleMe Plant Company

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Ever Grow a Plant That MoVeS Like an Animal When You Tickle It?

Now You Can!

TickleMe Plants offers a fun and interactive way for children to explore STEM activities related to plants, science, and nature.

Here are some key points:

  • Your kids will watch in amazement and never forget when they discover that the TickleMe Plant’s leaves close and their branches droop down when tickled! You can see the TickleMe Plant move here
  • The TickleMe Plant Homeschool Science Fun Planting kit includes everything needed for 30 children to grow their own TickleMe Plant.
  • The kit also includes The TickleMe Plant Book, which contains over 20 science activities, challenges, and experiment ideas that can be integrated into STEM lessons.

Individual TickleMe Plant growing kits are also available for purchase.

STEM lessons can cover topics such as parts of a plant, plant growth needs, thigmotropism, designing experiments, engineering habitats, taking measurements, and using technology to study growth under different types of light.

  • TickleMe Plants are easy to grow and can be grown indoors at any time of the year, including winter. Adult TickleMe Plants can even produce sparkling pink flowers!
  • Fresh seeds are guaranteed to grow, and the second set of leaves is guaranteed to move when tickled.
  • Children and their loved ones will have fun tickling their TickleMe Plants.

Order TickleMe Plant products Amazon or USE COUPON CODE SCHOOLHOUSE at Checkout NOW at to save 10%!

Lightlab Etc

LIGHTLAB: A book for kids, 8 to 12 years old, which consists of twelve chapters filled with hands-on activities on light and Bible studies. The featured scientists are Michael Faraday and James Maxwell, who were also devout Christians.

To facilitate your teaching experience, author Suzanne Shera offers:

  • FREE Teacher Workshops: Receive guidance on the lessons through three meetings
  • ONLINE Forums: Kids and parents meet with Suzanne to discuss the chapter of the week and learn new things
  • FREE Book Supplements: Available on the website
  • Answers to questions in the book
  • Crossword puzzles with solutions
  • Video selections that enhance book content
  • A sample PowerPoint lecture on Chapter One, helpful for large groups

DIG DEEPER: Once you finish with the book Lightlab, check out:

  • Extra Activities: Expand on each chapter to satisfy curious minds and older youth
  • Tutorials and Workshops: Ideal for middle school and above
  • Color Theory, the Full Story: Learn how our eyes detect color and learn the difference between the primary colors Red, Green, and Blue vs. the artist’s color schemes of Red, Blue, and Yellow
  • Build Your Own Sundial: Complete this beautiful instrument while you learn exciting facts about the earth

ONLINE MINI-COURSES: Ask us about courses Suzanne developed for her Physics classes and STEM programs:

  • Climate Change “What is it? Explore all viewpoints.”
  • Light and Optics Course
  • Astronomy Course
  • Receive coaching on using the Scientific Method for Science Fair projects

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