Planning for life after high school takes research and discovery! Read below to review dual enrollment opportunities, college choices, and higher education prep. These learning opportunities are ready to explore and take action on!

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Institute for Excellence in Writing

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Special Announcement

The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW®) is partnering with Christian Halls International (CHI) to provide homeschool students with dual enrollment opportunities for English Composition I and II through Southeastern University and Donnelly College.

“We’re thrilled about this opportunity for homeschooled students looking to attend college after graduation,” said Andrew Pudewa, founder and director of IEW. “For many homeschool parents, there’s a level of worry that their students are missing out on dual enrollment offered through many public and private schools. With our partnership with CHI, we’re able to help ease that worry while helping students develop their writing and grammar skills.”

To achieve the college credit, students need to enroll in the class through CHI and complete IEW’s Structure and Style for Students: Year 1 Level C and Fix It! Grammar: Level 5 Frog Prince programs. When enrolling, students can choose to partner with either Southeastern University located in Florida or with Donnelly College in Kansas.

“One of the great benefits of this partnership is that both partner universities are fully accredited,” said Pudewa. “Even if your student decides that they want to pursue higher education at a different university, they should have no difficulty with transferring those credits.”

For students considering a college degree, dual credit opportunities offer an affordable way to start their college career. To learn more about IEW and CHI’s program or to enroll in classes for 2023, visit

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

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Come visit us for College Preview Day! Hang out with current students, visit the dorms, eat a meal from Magnolia Kitchen, sit in on a class lecture, tour the campus, meet professors, and have all your questions about life and learning answered!

Home School Partners

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Hello, fellow Christian homeschooling parents! Are you interested in getting your high schooler 30+ college credits without the leftist, gender-confused, critical-race-theory-tainted brainwashing at some local community colleges? If so, I’ve got great news: My online high school homeschool co-op will be awarding college credits—with a Christian worldview! 

In 2023-24 and beyond I’m offering four English + History class sets:

Class Set 1: Civics + Economics + English (6 Credits)

Class Set 2: American Government + English (6 Credits)

Class Set 3: U.S. History I + U.S. History II + English (9 Credits)

Class Set 4: World History I + World History II + English (9 Credits)

My goal is to support homeschooling parents like you as you pass along your Christian worldview to your young people. My classes also emphasize government’s proper function: limited and focused on protecting life, liberty, and property—just what the Bible teaches! (You can download excerpts from my American Government for Christian Homeschoolers, Economics for Christian Homeschoolers, and Civics for Christian Homeschoolers books here.)

Your student will be equipped to answer big-government/socialism/communism activists with these classes!

My wife, Julie, and I have six homeschool graduates of our own, and I’m passionate about arming Christian homeschoolers to stand up against the world’s anti-Christian mindset. I really enjoy working with high schoolers; I’ve run my co-op since 2002. We have a lot of fun and great discussions in class!

You can get more details, including a short informative video, here.


Scott Clifton

Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre

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Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre is a Bible School & Conference Centre located on Thetis Island, one of the most beautiful Gulf Islands of Canada’s West Coast. It is a branch of the international and interdenominational work of Torchbearers International where Christ is

proclaimed as the only Saviour, Lord, and indwelling Life. Training in the Christian life is given through practical, short-term Bible School, conferences, retreats, outdoor education programs as well as through evangelistic outreach.

Each year, from September to April, Capernwray Harbour welcomes about 100 students of various ages, nationalities and denominations for the Bible School Program. Together with the staff team, students form a community that seeks to discover the character of Jesus Christ and to experience the transforming power of His indwelling Life.

Capernwray Harbour is located on 97 acres of woods, meadows, and seashore, which offers a diverse learning experience as both the indoor and outdoor classrooms are utilized throughout the year. With the curriculum covering nearly all the books of the Bible, students are required to prepare assignments, but the emphasis is on personal discovery of Jesus Christ through discipleship rather than on academic achievement. Study Projects, Seminars, Work Days,

Outreaches, and Extracurricular Activities are intricate parts of the learning experience.

If you’re interested but not quite sure, sign-up for a Taste and See week from November to March for a hands-on, live-in experience!

Applications are open for In-person and Online Bible School 2023–24.

Find out all the details and apply at CAPERNWRAY.CA.

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