Summer calls for fun times and leisurely activities! Read below to get acquainted with these Spotlight companies that offer you an organized home life, family trip opportunities, and game time with a purpose. 
Clever Organizing Solutions
Clever Organizing Solutions has great products to organize all areas of life. From your kitchen pantry and drawers to your bedroom and bathroom, and even your garage and vehicles, we provide solutions for your individual needs, including lots of on-the-go travel items and totes. Our travel “on the go” product selection has a variety of space-saving and convenient items to organize and declutter short and long road long trips or a drive to work. Our insulated coolers, visors, and cargo pockets are great ways to reclaim your valuable space on any conveyance. Check out our travel storage and organization collection today! 

Pony Express National Museum
The Pony Express stables continue to stand as tribute to the legend and legacy of the Pony Express and its enduring era. 
The Pony Express Museum houses the actual spot where Johnny Fry left heading west carrying the very first communications of the Pony Express. Come pump water from the well, see an actual hole left from an archaeological dig, and view objects discovered from the 1990s digs. Displays and exhibits include objects actually owned by various riders.

Top off your visit to the museum with a step back in time to the 1860s through a scheduled tour of the Pony School, a one-room schoolhouse built to the time period. The schoolhouse is complete with period desks, slates for writing, arithmetic problems, McGuffey readers, and a schoolmarm! 

Schedule your visit for 30 minutes to two hours with the schoolmarm who will greet you at the door to “make your manners”, divide your group for instruction just like they did in the 1860s, sing songs, read aloud from the readers, or teach 1st-8th grade in mini-sessions of the three Rs: reading, writing, and arithmetic! 

Use your imagination to pretend to bring water in from the well, carry firewood for the stove, drink from the water bucket and shared ladle, unpack and cook your lunch, and carry a message to your parents regarding the schoolmarm’s stay at your house for the month!

Please contact us for rates and times to schedule your schoolhouse visit at 816.279.5059. 
Plato said, “A child can only be taught if learning contains a measure of entertainment.”

SCUBE is a fun game for the whole family. Whether you are a pre-schooler or a PhD, SCUBE keeps you engaged and challenged.

When you play SCUBE, it sneakily prepares you for a whole slew of skills and concepts, planning, sequencing, problem-solving, all while you enjoy a healthy mental workout.

SCUBE is an all-in-one App designed to help build important early math skills:

  • Spatial intelligence: (Visualisation; Recognition; Reasoning; Awareness). The ability to mentally manipulate 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional figures.
  • Cognitive visual object recognition
  • Pattern recognition
  • Shape context
  • Motor skills
  • And

Note: It is a proven fact that spatial intelligence can improve your test scores by a substantial margin.

Player ages: If you are between the ages of 3 and 103, you should enjoy, be entertained, kept engaged, and be challenged by SCUBE.

Pricing: Download for free – with IAP’s (In-App Purchases)

  • Modules @ $1.99 ea.
  • Full Pack @ $4.99 (all modules)
  • Family Pack @ $5.99 (all modules + 4 players)

50 coupon codes (FREE) available for SCUBE Full Packs.
Apply, by going to and type “50 full packs” into the message block.
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