Teaching new languages is simple when you have the right resources that are easily accessible. Give your children that upper hand by being bilingual or multilingual. Even if your child doesn’t achieve full fluency in another language, the brain benefits from learning languages will still positively impact their education. Read on about some of the programs for your language learners.
Speedy Spanish
Speedy Spanish was created thirty-two years ago because of the need for a simple Spanish course for young homeschoolers. It is now being used all over the United States, Canada, and many foreign lands for all ages of children and adults.

Speedy Spanish I and Speedy Spanish II are each creditable for a year of conversational Spanish for the high school student who uses it plus the tests and extra practice. Without the add-ons, Speedy Spanish is fun and learnable for younger children.

We have added Spanish puzzles as a fun and easy way to get vocabulary words to stick in the brain. Puzzles include crosswords, word search, and scrambles.

Greek 'n' Stuff
The easy way to learn Greek!  
Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! teaches biblical Greek to preschoolers and older students (even adults enjoy it) using deductive, inductive, and interactive methodology in a workbook format. These easy-to-use workbooks require no prior knowledge of Greek. 
Take the drudgery out of learning Latin!  
Latin's Not So Tough! introduces Latin to young students before they decide classical languages are too difficult to learn. Enjoyable activities implant in young minds a love of learning.  
Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! and Latin's Not So Tough! begin gently and advance gradually; providing reinforcement through a variety of workbook activities and translation exercises. The overwhelming response from our customers ... "This is my child's favorite subject."  
Are you hungry for God's Word?  
The Alone With God Bible Studies progress through Jonah and Ruth, Esther, I Samuel, and Acts with simple questions taken directly from Scripture. Sidebars in each one-week lesson highlight insights into the geography, history, culture, and people of biblical times. Memory verses. "Think and Pray About It" life applications.  
Greek 'n' Stuff, founded in 1996, provides quality materials for homeschool, Christian school, and Sunday School environments.  
Greek 'n' Stuff 
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Ouino Languages

OUINO is a fully-customizable, digital language course and a set of teaching tools that allow you to tailor your child's learning experience to their own personal requirements. 


Despite its low price, OUINO is one of the most complete programs out there. In fact, if you don't think OUINO is the best investment you've ever made for language learning, we'll refund your purchase. 


We're a small family of language-lovers and we are here to help you reach your goal. When you contact us, you'll always speak directly with one of the creators. Always. Never underestimate the value of human help in this automated world.


Everyone has different needs and learning abilities. Expecting everyone to learn in the exact same way didn't make sense to us. OUINO is the most customizable program on the market. Choose exactly how and what you learn. Simply adjust the settings to your child's needs and choose the material that interests you.


Explaining sentence structure is often complex and specific to each language, which is why most apps don’t bother teaching any grammar at all, which is not ideal. Grammar in traditional methods is often overdone with incredibly complex rules that make your head hurt. OUINO strikes the perfect balance between having fun and challenging yourself.

Breaking the Barrier
Award-winning Breaking the Barrier is recognized as a leader in World Language instruction for homeschool students studying Spanish or French. High school students can complete three levels and be well prepared for the AP exam while earning three course credits for their transcript and college applications. Younger students can start early and study at a slower pace.

Breaking the Barrier blends the rigor of serious academic content with simplicity, clarity, and a student-friendly voice. The tone is informal and conversational – a one-on-one session between teacher and student, perfectly suited to a homeschool setting. By the end of our series, students will have practiced every important topic in the Spanish or French language. They will have the confidence to read, write, and speak fluently.

An affordable combination print/digital package offers the best of both worlds for students and families. The digital access brings the content, and culture, to life with extensive native speaker audio and video, readings and compositions as well as animated grammar explanations, interactive vocabulary flashcards, and plenty of written practice with correction technology.

The program does not require any parent involvement; students can begin and proceed independently. Quizzes and tests are provided as well as answer keys. Parents can check in with their students each week to monitor progress. A Pacing Guide is also provided to guide families in planning out lessons and the pace of study.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Breaking the Barrier family! 

Kids' Club Spanish School
Let's get your child to speak Spanish 100% fluently! Typical language programs do not work because they do not teach the way we naturally learn a language... through complete 100% immersion. Kids’ Club Spanish School provides live online Spanish immersion classes with native Spanish-speaking, certified teachers, to children aged 5-13.

We offer:
  • Complete immersion (no English allowed).
  • 100% flexible schedule. You book the time and teacher.
  • Homework and small projects assigned to practice.
  • Curriculum developed by Spanish language professionals.
  • Energetic teachers providing an unforgettable experience
What makes Kids' Club Spanish School special is that we are truly DIFFERENT--our classes are FUN! Our Spanish tutors are not just teachers they are "Edutainers", bringing education and entertainment together for a memorable and fun experience making learning extremely effective. They use colorful props, images, fun body language, and songs to interact and teach the kids.
Classes are given using our in-house developed curriculum following the Common European Framework for Language Learning in order to provide a structured learning environment and also include fun interactive activities for the kids to do with the teacher.  

Homework worksheets and flashcards are provided and small projects are assigned to review the language learned. 

Watch us in action in these videos:

Register your child and get TWO free trial classes at www.kidsclubspanishschool.com

Our entire reason for being is to get your child to speak Spanish fluently.
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