Fresh Seafood Update
January 13, 2021
Featured Item!
Fresh Grouper
Caribbean | Cut from 5/UP# Fish

Our fresh 5-UP Grouper yields firm, thick meat great for entrees, chowders, and soups. The sweet, yet mild flavor profile gives off buttery notes and remains moist once cooked. A great fish to feature on your menu or in your retail case this week!
Spotlight Items!
Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish
Chesapeake Bay | 5-8# Fish

Local Chesapeake Bay Rockfish is a great option this week. We're cutting out beautiful fillets from 5-8# fish. Great for entrees, chowders, and stews, making it the perfect winter product to use in seasonal dishes. Chat with your account manager for more information!

Fresh Mahi
South Pacific | Cut from 5-10# fish

Mahi fillet has a mild, yet sweet flavor profile and is well-known for its versatility, making it an ideal product for any dish! 

North Carolina Shrimp
North Carolina | 21/25's & 26/30's
Fresh NC Shrimp are in-house for Wednesday & Thursday deliveries! We have 21/25's & 26/30's both fresh and frozen available - get your orders in early to secure your product!
*16/20 only available frozen currently
Flounder Fillet
Virginia & North Carolina | Jumbo, Large, Medium
Both fresh and frozen flounder available this week! A lean, white fish mild and sweet in taste, yet firm in texture. This holds well deep fried or just sauté it up! Chat with your account representative for deals on our frozen local flounder.

Venezuelan Crab Meat
Venezuela | Jumbo Lump, Lump, Claw

Fresh Venezuelan Crab Meat just rolled in today and is ready for delivery. Get your orders in soon to secure this product!

Wild James River Oysters
James River, VA | 100 ct. box

Our local Wild James River Oysters is one of the best values around! It has mild brine, plump meat, and mild flavor. Great for Oysters Rockefeller!

Fresh Croaker
North Carolina | approx. .5-1# Fish

Croakers are lean, full in flavor, with a sweet taste. Firm flesh with edible skin and is commonly served whole due to size.
Snow Crab Legs
Canada, Norway, Russia | 4UP, 5/8, 8UP, 10UP, 12UP

Premium quality claw clusters with significantly rich and sweet flavors. Chat with your account representative for more information!

Live Eastern Shore Clams
Virginia | littleneck, middleneck, topneck

Live Eastern Shore Clams are considered a local delicacy! The tenderness, sweet flavor, and freshness make them ideal for eating half-shell raw. 

Fresh Sea Bass
Virginia and North Carolina | Large & Jumbo

The flavor profile is mild and delicate with a subtle sweetness, similar to grouper or cod. Sea Bass is moist, buttery, and tender when cooked. Commonly baked or grilled whole, however greatly enjoyed in chowders and soups.
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*Availability subject to change

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