Fresh Seafood Update
May 13th, 2020
Please keep in touch with your account manager for updates, questions, or any special requests for products. Our team is working diligently to navigate changing market conditions to keep you stocked with all the products you need. We truly appreciate all your support, and if we can be of assistance in any way don't hesitate to reach out!
Featured Item!
Local Jumbo Rockfish
Virginia | 15+ pound fish

We have a good supply of locally caught Jumbo Rockfish rolling in for Thursday and Friday deliveries. These fish are 15+ pounds each. A great fish to feature for the weekend!

Spotlight Items!
Fresh Mahi-Mahi
NC & Caribbean | 5-10#, 10-15#, & 15+ pound fish

Fresh Mahi-Mahi is a great menu addition for the weekend with fresh product rolling in almost daily.

Live Local Soft Shell Crabs
VA & NC | Primes, Jumbo's, Whale's

Live Softies in all sizes (mostly jumbo's) are showing up in good supply and prices are sharp!

Fresh Yellowfin Tuna
Caribbean | #1 & #2 Large fish
Yellowfin tuna, both #1 and #2 grade, are rolling in fresh and cutting out some beautiful loins.

Fresh Grouper
Caribbean | 3-5# fish
Limited quantities of fresh Grouper just arrived this afternoon!

IQF 21/25 N.C. Shrimp
North Carolina | 5# bags

Add some local flair to your menu offerings with these IQF Shell-on 21/25 NC shrimp! Really strong price on this local product - reach out for more info.
Live Virginia Clams & Oysters
Eastern Shore | 100 ct. bags - all sizes!

Good supply of local littleneck, middleneck, topneck, and chowder clams available! We are also offering a good variety of local VA oysters in 100 ct. boxes.

Live Lobsters
Maine & Canada | 1 lb. 1 1/4 lb., 1 1/2 lb., 2-3 lb.

Live lobsters in all sizes are in stock!
Live PEI Mussels
Canada | 3-5 lb. and 5-10 lb. fish

Live PEI mussels in 10# bags are in stock for the weekend!

Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice
USA | 10# bag

We have a good supply of Anson Mills products, including the popular Carolina Gold Rice.
Fresh Dry Pack Scallop Pieces
Mid-Atlantic | Gallons

Fresh Atlantic Dry Scallop pieces are an absolute bargain for the quality you receive. These are pieces of scallops that are not able to be sold as whole scallops, and the price is significantly lower than a normal scallop. Great for tacos, soups, and other applications.
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*Availability subject to change