Planning for life after high school takes research and discovery! Read below to review options for college prep, higher education options, life skills training, and entrepreneurship for the whole family. These learning opportunities are ready to explore!
Clearwater College
You’ve graduated and now you’re asking yourself “Where do I go next?”. Consider Clearwater College!

Why does Clearwater College exist? It’s simple really: Our need for Jesus. The mandate he left for his followers was to make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:18-20). Empowered by the Holy Spirit, that is what they did, and that is what we continue to do today by Equipping for Life and Ministry.


In equipping students for life, we follow the Acts 2:42 model by seeking to devote ourselves to the apostles’ teaching, the fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer. Students may or may not be academically strong, but degrees and certificates only matter if students are effectively equipped for life by being empowered by the Spirit.


In equipping for ministry, we focus on cultivating a lifestyle of worship to minister to the Lord, on raising up the Ephesians 4 ministry offices to minister to the Church, and on preparing laborers for the harvest to effectively minister to the world.

2021 marked 50 years of equipping for Clearwater College. This rich history is highlighted by our focus on Christ and our close-knit community. Did we mention the beautiful creation we find ourselves in as we equip for life and ministry?

Jesus told us to make disciples. That’s what we do. That’s why we exist.

Visit us at to see what Clearwater College has to offer or give us a call at 1-800-838-2975 to book your tour!
Create a dazzling future for your whole family by learning how to start a successful business!

Do you want to see your kids reach their full potential?

Are you struggling as a family living paycheck to paycheck, wanting something MORE for you and your children?

You CAN find stability through entrepreneurialism! Your kids can discover their God-given passions and callings and you can also learn right beside them!

This is the exciting journey of building a FAMILY ECONOMY, helping you gain freedom to always homeschool your children, to do the things you love to do, and most importantly, to impact the world for Christ while using your passions and callings for His glory!

So how can your family GROW YOUR ECONOMY?

Through my step-by-step curriculum called Your Guidebook to Growing A Family Economy.

I break the course down into easily understandable lessons with practical assignments. I provide a foundation in branding and marketing, guiding you and your children into the process of creating businesses that fit your dreams.

This course includes a graphic design tutorial and students will design a logo, business card, and Web banner. It includes essay questions, ideas for further study, and vocabulary words.

You and your kids can take my video course or purchase the curriculum either digitally or through physical books–or a combination!

Confused about how to get started? Download my FREE starting business checklist and gain confidence in your exciting new journey of becoming an entrepreneur!

36 University
Tired of boring, expensive, and ineffective ACT Prep? That’s where we come in! 

Completely web-based and mobile-friendly, 36 University is unique, robust, skill-targeting—and at your fingertips 24/7. 

The brain processes best in compact, concentrated segments that engage multiple learning styles, so...

  • Our topic review is divided into short, impactful lessons. 
  • Instead of lecture-based instruction, we use engaging, animated videos to illustrate concepts.
  • To ensure students retain key information from the videos, we provide printable note-taking guides. 
  • Instead of lengthy tests, we use mini-quizzes pulled from test banks of over 2,500 items to promote content mastery. 

By providing visually-engaging, simple explanations and catering to multiple learning styles, 36 University makes even the most complex concepts understandable and memorable. 

How does the program work? 

You’ll prep for the Math, English, Reading, and Science sections of the ACT by following these easy steps: 

  • Watch the animated video.
  • Complete the accompanying note-taking guide.
  • Ace the mini-quizzes.
  • Use progress tracking to chart your accomplishments.

36 University believes that the best way to score well on the ACT is to understand the content. Brain-compatible, visually-engaging animated lessons effectively and efficiently illustrate concepts and skills. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn so quickly! 

And the best part? Our prices! Gain full access to the program for only $15 per month (cancel anytime) or $65 for 6 months, and use code TOS-Spotlight at checkout for an extra 20% off!
For more information, visit us at
Thrive Academics
Essential Life Skills

The transition from high school to adult life is a major one. How can you make sure that your student is well prepared for the leap? By accessing the right resources!

Voyage is an interactive, online program that walks high school students through key skills they need to transition into adulthood well. Whether they are trying to figure out a career, exploring a college path, or simply seeking to learn adult life skills, Voyage has the tools and lessons to help equip them for their journey.

With five interactive modules covering personal development, career planning, college planning, financial responsibility, and everyday life skills, Voyage is designed for self-paced, independent learning.

  1. Who I Am (identifying their purpose, brand, and strengths, setting SMART goals and a vision for their life)
  2. Career planning (career assessment profiler, researching careers, filling out a job app, writing a cover letter and resume, and attending a virtual job interview)
  3. College planning (everything from researching the right schools, applying to college, and applying for financial aid, to life on campus and setting their school schedule)
  4. Financial responsibility (opening a bank account, balancing a check register, online banking, taxes, interest, managing a budget, and financial responsibility)
  5. Everyday Living (students will learn about everyday responsibilities including health and safety, balanced nutrition, renting a house/apt, completing forms for a doctor’s visit, applying for a driver’s license, navigating airports, and much, much more)

Chula Vista Christian University
Chula Vista Christian University is the first modern college to be built by homeschoolers for homeschoolers! 

After spending 20 years in the college classroom, Dr. Lisa Dunne saw the cumulative effect of America’s educational dysfunction: crippling debt, Marxist indoctrination, CRT, woke politics, and the dumbing down of America’s youth.

At $1.6 trillion, America’s student loan debt now surpasses all combined credit card debt. Students are swindled into six-digit school loans they will never be able to repay. 

America's archaic educational methodology turns a blind eye to the proven developmental science of how the youngest generations learn best. Ineffective teaching leaves high achievers bored and slow learners frustrated. 

Sweeping Marxist indoctrination and secular humanist teaching have turned GenZs into anxious, depressed atheists. Tragically, 70% of America’s college students walk away from the Christian faith by the end of their freshman year.

Parents, if we give our money to public schools that literally mock our conservative values, we are empowering those voices and their mission. If we want to topple the power structure, we have to sever the financial tie.

This is why we started Chula Vista Christian University. At CVCU, our students are a name, not a number. They learn in circles instead of rows. They serve in apprenticeships that increase their marketability and real-world knowledge. And they graduate debt-free. 

Chula Vista Christian University is training up a generation of driven, resilient culture shapers who will lead tomorrow’s industries with integrity and vision.

Join the education revolution at CVCU.
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