Give your children the resources they need to read and write with confidence. No matter the learning style, you’ll find the material that will fit their way of thinking and your way of teaching. Review these products that will engage imagination for all ages and encourage a love of reading!

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Lexercise is a personalized literacy program that provides you and your child with lessons, games, and activities based on the latest research in reading science and the Orton-Gillingham approach. Guided by our comprehensive structured literacy curriculum, your child will soon be reading and spelling with confidence.

As both a curriculum and a platform, Lexercise is designed to both teach a student to read and to develop in the student a love for reading.

  • The Lexercise Structured Literacy Curriculum™ is aligned with the science of reading and designed to establish accurate and fluent decoding and spelling, AND, it is designed to stimulate curiosity about words, including what they mean, why they are spelled as they are, and how they have changed over time.

  • The Lexercise platform provides customized daily practice using engaging games with immediate feedback to improve decoding and spelling, AND it provides a variety of ways to engage the student in conversations about words and reading.

See how Lexercise can help homeschooling families like yours and get more information about their program by clicking on this link. Enter code TOS at checkout and save 35% off every month your child stays on the program. (That’s about $25 per weekly session!)


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By the time children enter school, their oral language is very well-developed. When they are tasked with using symbols to represent what they hear and say, challenges emerge. What is missing for many children is the means of linking their spoken language to groups of abstract symbols (words) so the process becomes natural and instinctive and so reading comprehension occurs.

The task before us is how to teach reading in a way that children will retain their mental images of what is being communicated even when they are working with just symbols. Child1st reading resources are designed to provide those mental images as children are learning to read so they don’t struggle to learn.

Easy-for-Me™ combines sight word instruction with explicit, systematic phonics instruction, because both are important for emerging readers. Reading lessons are truly multi-sensory, which means that children who have dyslexia, autism, auditory processing challenges, those with Down Syndrome, or ADHD will enjoy learning in a way that makes sense to them.

Using SnapWords® along with teaching phonics aids in both reading fluency and comprehension. Children will acquire a strong base of over 600 words and will learn how to break the words apart into their phonics base.

Easy-for-Me™ Reading is perfectly suited for beginners learning to read as well as those who have struggled under more traditional methods, including children in Special Education, resource rooms, students who are ESOL, and more.

Experience the Child1st difference today and help your children love learning!

Christian Light Publications

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Kindergarten workbooks from Christian Light help you ease your four- or five-year-old into schooling without the unnecessary pressure of a heavy academic workload. Laying this foundation prepares your student for a seamless transition into Christian Light’s phonics-based Learning to Read program.

Download and print free kindergarten lessons and activity sheets!

“My daughter finished K2 today. Just a little encouragement if you are considering using this curriculum . . . do it. I wish I would have known about this five kids ago.” —Homeschooling mom from Illinois


Help Your Child to Love Reading

Funnix Beginning Reading is not only a web-based app that can teach your child how to read, but it can also help them learn to love reading. 

When a child doesn’t enjoy reading, they can’t truly engage with it. They may fall back on memorization crutches, treat the task like a chore, and lack the motivation to learn. 

As a research-validated and child-approved teaching tool, Funnix makes learning to read fun and easy for kindergarten through second grade with proven results after just 20 lessons. 

Based on the highly effective Direct Instruction reading programs, Funnix ensures your child will learn faster and more efficiently than any other homeschooling program. 

We help your child feel successful by providing tools to determine where they should start based on current skills. From there, the lessons build on each other, providing an efficient, encouraging learning pace. Throughout the program, we include guidance for when skills need to be reviewed to ensure full mastery of every concept.

With lessons that consist of 10% new material and 90% review and application of established concepts, Funnix keeps your kid challenged but never overwhelmed or discouraged. When they apply what they learned in previous exercises to a fun story or activity, they are rewarded for their engagement and knowledge.

With Funnix, your child will learn that reading means feeling good about themselves.

Start Today!

12 Gates Publishing

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Engage your child's imagination with the young adult fantasy series Hamelin StoopDr. Robert B. Sloan is an author and president of Houston Christian University. He began writing the Hamelin Stoop books so that his grandchildren could enjoy a story that uses a fun, fantastic world to cultivate moral courage, encourage a Christian worldview, and portray the battle of good and evil.  

Young readers find themselves engrossed as they follow Hamelin, a boy from Texas who was left on the porch of a children's home as a baby, in his quest to find his parents. His search leads him through a mysterious cave and into another world. Adventure awaits him there as he helps new friends rescue their families and reclaim their kingdoms. 

Along the way, Hamelin must learn valuable life lessons that all children face: how to be brave, how to discern right from wrong, and how to choose selflessness. The fourth book in this exciting series is set to release in 2023. 

Order the first three today and discover the saga that parents and children alike can't put down.

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