Acquiring reading skills happens at a very early age, and once you have established that foundation, the reading experiences you provide your children are unlimited! You will find reading encouragement, training, and development from the preliminary stage to advanced literature studies from the companies below.

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David C. Cook

A Bible That Helps Kids Grow in God’s Word and Live Out Their Faith

The Action Bible: Faith in Action Edition is the enhanced interactive version of the bestselling illustrated Action Bible. This Bible is designed to help kids and teens engage in the reading of God’s Word and provides resources to help young readers grow their faith. Additionally, the Faith in Action Edition highlights seven major themes of the Bible and encourages readers to live out their own personal faith journey in Christ.

Know God’s Word

  • 230 stories
  • Sequential
  • Fast-paced
  • Vivid artwork
  • Bible heroes
  • Activities
  • Games

Grow Your Faith

  • Devotionals
  • Prayers
  • Articles 
  • Videos 
  • Timelines 
  • Maps 
  • Bible facts

Live God’s Word

  • Courage 
  • Faith
  • Hope 
  • Love
  • Service
  • Trust
  • Wisdom

Towers of Light Christian Resources

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When homeschooling our children, we faced a crucial challenge in helping them become avid readers: content.  

It seemed like everything had gone wrong in popular children’s books. The mom and dad were always incompetent, clueless, or just plain mean, and their values didn’t align with our family’s beliefs. Of course, there were “the classics,” but getting our kids to engage in books written in vernacular common before the typewriter was invented was hard. What I was hoping to find for family reading was something written in this century that was fantastic and engaging.

After a long search, I did what homeschoolers do best: I took the problem upon myself and wrote the Towers of Light series. It’s a story of a family living in a fantastic world like the American frontier, full of action, adventure, and just a touch of whimsy. Many say it’s Chronicles of Narnia meets Little House on the Prairie.

Here’s what other moms are saying:

“I have sons who like junky books, but when I bought these books (completely faith-based), they loved the characters and storyline. It’s so believable, my son has to ask where these kids live because it’s got to be so scary for them. My 11-year-old is at that rough age, and these books keep him engaged. I am only on book #3, but we are buying the whole series. I wish I had books like this as a kid.” Jaclyn White

Try it for free at

Ivy Kids Kits

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Book-Inspired STEM Kits

Ivy Kids is an award-winning, educational subscription-box company that creates book-inspired STEM kits for children ages 3–8. Each Ivy Kids kit includes a carefully selected, highly rated children’s book and over 12 fun, creative, and unique hands-on activities that are inspired by the monthly story and characters.

Ivy Kids’ literacy-based projects and games are designed to develop math and literacy skills, encourage reading comprehension, and promote scientific thinking through play and exploration. By connecting each activity to the featured book and story characters, children are more invested and engaged in the activities. 

Each monthly Ivy Kids Kit includes:

  • A highly-rated children’s book
  • Bookmark reading guide
  • Literacy and language arts activities
  • Materials to retell the story
  • Science experiments and fact boards
  • Art projects
  • Math manipulatives
  • Board games
  • Fine motor exercises
  • Instructive toys
  • Engineering challenges
  • Detailed instructions to scaffold learning

Everything you need to read, play, create, and learn is included in the kit and conveniently delivered right to you each month!

“These kits are amazing!” Kimberly Y.

“I am so impressed with Ivy Kids! My 4- and 7-year-olds love the activities that center around a book/theme! I have homeschooled for many years and this is my favorite way to teach preschool/elementary age kids.” —Lisa H.

To learn more about Ivy Kids Kits, please visit our website,

Subscribe and use code IVY20 to take 20% off your first kit.

Progeny Press

Discover the power of reading with Progeny Press! We specialize in literature studies designed to kindle a love for reading in young minds, with a strong Christian viewpoint. Our commitment to mentoring and building a deep appreciation for literature is reflected in our English/Language Arts curriculum. Dive into stories that not only entertain but provide life lessons through critical analysis, reading comprehension, Biblical applications, and ELA language arts skills.

At Progeny Press, we believe in the power of literature to teach and shape character. Our faith-based curriculum goes beyond the pages of the book, instilling values that last a lifetime. With a focus on literary analysis, our guides provide a comprehensive approach to understanding and appreciating the written word, guiding students beyond simple reading comprehension, grammar, or spelling. Progeny Press promotes skills that students will use every day as they read, write, and communicate with others.

Join your students in a world of imagination as they explore books from classical literature to contemporary award winners. We take pride in developing materials that are not only educational but also enjoyable for both students and educators. Our literature guides are carefully crafted to engage, inspire, and stick with them long after they have completed their work. 

Choose Progeny Press for a literary adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. Nurturing young readers for over 30 years, start building a lifelong love of reading with Progeny Press study guides—where literature comes to life.

Learn more at

Use code LOVEREADING for $5 off!

Real Reading Co.

Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple takes students from being nonreaders to being confident, full-fledged readers in 90 lessons.

As a student’s mastery of reading progresses, their love of reading grows. Here are two excerpts from home and classroom teacher testimonials:

“One book works for all four children, and the same book will work until they all read and spell fluently. One book! And the best part is that my children enjoy it too. As the author suggests, the conversations about word definitions lighten the mood of our lessons. I can’t say enough good about Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple.” —Maranda De La Torre, homeschool teacher

“This is a must-have for any teacher. This is the most amazing program. It gets the students excited about reading. The students feel successful and cannot wait to come to reading group to work on their next lesson. I would highly recommend this program. It is easy to use, and your students will LOVE reading. I am excited about teaching reading again.” —Shannon Smith, third-grade teacher, Midland ISD

Any person who knows how to read can use this book to teach someone else how to read. Previous knowledge of phonics or teaching experience is not a prerequisite. The curriculum is systematic, sequential, and research-based, and directions for teaching the lessons are concise and easy to follow. Best of all, it’s engineered to be fun, so progressing through the lessons isn’t a chore.

Order today!

Reading Kingdom

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Reading Kingdom gives you the tools to help you teach your kids to be successful readers!

Reading Kingdom is an online K–3 “Phonics-PLUS” reading program that teaches reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension to a third-grade level (Lexile 750). The program combines the teaching of key phonetic skills with important visual and cognitive skills that combine to open the door to reading success.

ASD Reading is a specially customized version of Reading Kingdom for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other learning challenges. It includes additional formats and customizations that help these students succeed, even if they are non-speaking.

Both programs have a one-month free trial.

Reading Kingdom also offers other programs for spelling, comprehension, vocabulary, and math.


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Unlock the joy of reading for your child with Funnix Beginning Reading—an exceptional program built on the proven Direct Instruction method. Funnix Beginning Reading is designed to empower homeschooling parents to foster a love for reading in their students. As a homeschooling parent, you have the unique opportunity to see how this program can help your child blossom into a confident and enthusiastic lifelong reader.

Tailored for homeschooling, Funnix Beginning Reading ensures that parents can actively participate in their child’s learning. It is designed to be user-friendly; thus, you can seamlessly integrate effective teaching methods into your homeschooling routine. This program offers a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that guides your child through the foundational steps of literacy. Plus, it not only equips your child with essential reading skills but also instills a genuine passion for exploring the world through words.

The research-validated Direct Instruction method is the core of Funnix Beginning Reading, and its beauty lies in its focused and systematic approach. It provides clear, explicit teaching methods that eliminate confusion and promote understanding—and it delivers results. Say goodbye to the struggles of teaching reading, and embrace a program that eliminates guesswork from the equation.

Choose Funnix Beginning Reading to witness how Direct Instruction makes reading an enjoyable and fulfilling part of your homeschooling journey. Give your child the gift of literacy, and watch them light up with excitement as they embark on their reading adventure!

Visit us at to get started.

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