If you've got teenagers, then you may be in search of a structured learning environment with credentialed educators to take your child to the next level. Read below to discover options for online high school programs and college studies as well as a homeschool testing service to uncover academic achievements. These learning opportunities are ready to explore!
Classical Conversations
Curious about homeschooling and don’t know where to start?

Classical Conversations offers a complete K-12 through college credit curriculum.

Classical Conversations is the homeschool program that helps you cultivate an inquisitive, intellectual child through an intentional, community-based approach. Learning together with families like yours, you’re equipped with the tools and support to teach a biblical worldview that’s rooted in the classical model.

We believe that you are the best educator for your student and we make it simple by providing you with a consistent roadmap that you can follow at your own pace. We have been partnering and equipping families since 1997 through our classical, Christian communities.

You’ve got this, we’ve got you.

Homeschool Testing Services

Online Testing

Does your child work best from home? Whether they are still in need of more one-on-one attention or if you just prefer the comfort of your own home, this online test is the perfect solution.

We offer CTP and Stanford-10 tests. These tests not only offer the home educator information on their student’s achievement, but parents are also provided with comparisons based on nationwide test results.

At-Home Testing

At-Home Testing may be perfect for you if:

  • you want to proctor (the parent does not have to have the Bachelor of Arts to administer the At-Home test)
  • you want an untimed test (take up to two weeks to test)
  • you need to meet state standards
  • you want to test in the comfort of your home

Whatever your reasons for testing, Homeschool Testing Services is dedicated to helping you have a delightful testing experience.

For more information, visit us at homeschooltestingservices.com.
Manhattan Christian College
Manhattan Christian College exists to impact the world for Christ. It is a private Christian college located in Manhattan, Kansas, across the street from Kansas State University. Founded in 1927, the core of the accredited curriculum is the Bible and Christian Leadership. MCC educates, equips, and enriches Christian leaders to share the gospel regardless of their chosen profession. 

MCC Offers:

  • Flexible degree programs on campus and online.
  • Affordable tuition in addition to scholarships based on GPA.
  • Faculty with academic credentials and ministry experience.
  • Cooperative academic partnerships with KSU and Manhattan Area Technical College.
  • Close-knit community of believers in addition to an atmosphere of a major university.
  • Hands-on leadership training includes Christian service hours.
  • Competitive athletics for men and women: soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross-country.
  • Lifelong relationships that are fostered in residence halls, intramurals, student government, and chapel.
  • 92% job placement within six months of graduation.

Come and visit our campus on a Thunder Thursday to win $500 scholarship! http://mccks.edu/thunderthursdays

God has called every believer to “go into all the world and make disciples.” Become the Thunder at MCC and Change the World! 

Facebook: Manhattan Christian College Instagram: @mccfamily_mhk  
Twitter: #mccks
Address: 1415 Anderson Avenue, Manhattan, KS 66502
Phone: 785-539-3571  Text: 785-539-8244   

Bryan College
Preparing your students for college can be overwhelming; however it doesn’t have to be!

Bryan College has a Homeschool Specialist who can help you plan for your student’s success. Bryan College is a small, regionally accredited, liberal arts institution nestled in the foothills of the Smokies in Tennessee.

Without the ability to meet with a brick-and-mortar guidance counselor, free resources provided by Pat Wesolowski may be all you need to gear up for success. In addition to having a blog (patweso@wordpress.com) and a podcast (anchor.fm/homeschoolspecialist), Pat has created a free E Resource, The Journey, which includes customizable templates for transcripts and diplomas in addition to a suggested timeline of events so that you do not miss any important dates.

Homeschool friendly, with a scholarship available for homeschooled students specifically, Bryan College has over 29 accredited majors with 50 unique fields of study. In addition to academic scholarships, Bryan also offers scholarships for martial arts, music, theater, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, track and cross-country, golf, fishing and shooting.

Dual enrollment is available to students who have completed 9th grade. Online dual enrollment options are available four times a year. Additionally, $200 out-of-state DE scholarships are offered to 11th and 12th graders. Qualifying seniors are invited to a scholarship event where each participant receives an additional $1,000 to $3,000 in scholarship.

The application fee has been waived and the process has been expedited. We would love to have you come and visit!

The Lukeion Project
The Lukeion Project at www.Lukeion.org offers Classical subjects expertly taught by experienced credentialed educators, live online. Our courses are perfect for home education, private, public curricula, or even for adult learners. Challenging mastery-based semester classes are designed for middle and high school students as listed. Add Lukeion à la carte classes to your current schedule to suit your interests or follow one of our suggested courses of study.

Start with Skillful Scribbler© (academic writing), visual English grammar with Barbarian Diagrammarian©, and word roots with Witty Wordsmith©. We offer 7 levels each of mastery-based Latin (3 years beyond AP Latin) & Classical Greek (including NT Greek). Study Classical literature, Classical history, rhetoric, logic, and ancient philosophy plus college preparatory academic writing courses, AP English Lit., and Shakespeare. Get started with our summer workshops (four 1-hour sessions). Topics include ancient medicine, math, writing systems, artifacts, ancient warfare, food, or animals.

Since 2005, The Lukeion Project has emphasized excellence, subject mastery, and college preparation to make our semester courses exceptional in a sea of online options. No other program provides such a broad range of Classically-focused courses. We combine the best benefits of online convenience with synchronous instruction plus skilled educator materials and feedback. Vivid graphics engage today’s visual learner while plenty of humor and a lively pace provide a great educational environment for all.

Registration for the 2021-2022 academic year is open. Many classes are already full.

Join us online at The Lukeion Project: Classical education expertly taught live online.
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