When you’re done serving your children in their educational life at home, you want them to have a higher education that will equip them in the most important ways. See what these colleges and transcription service have for programs and how they train and equip people of every age. 

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The College at Southeastern

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Men and women serving Christ all over the world have found that an education at Southeastern was exactly what God had in store to equip and train them for service. We’re producing Great Commission-minded students who desire all people everywhere to glorify Christ.

The College Experience, an event for students age 16 and up, is a unique opportunity to see firsthand what God is doing at the college and talk with others just like you who are discerning their next steps. Hang out with current students, spend the night in the dorms, eat at Magnolia Kitchen, sit in on a class, tour the campus, meet professors, and have all your questions about life and learning answered!

Our College Experience will allow you to seek God’s calling in your life, whether He leads you to Southeastern or elsewhere.

The cost is $25 per student.


Montana Christian College

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Montana Christian College provides an oasis for weary parents seeking refuge amid the desert of higher education in our country. For decades, students who have been trained by their parents to revere God and the Bible have too often been marginalized, bullied, or even threatened academically for their Christian beliefs.

For example, ALCJ.org says that public higher-eds are discriminating against Christian students. “Gone are the days of surreptitious slights against Christians; now it is open season on faith. Blatant, in-your-face anti-Christian discrimination is the new norm.” Christian students’ applications are rejected, and they receive failing grades for expressing their religious beliefs.

Citing a student newspaper at a prominent university in North Carolina, Beliefnet.com reports that school officials are investigating whether a Christian a cappella singing group violated university policy when it voted to remove from membership a student whose views about homosexuality contradicted the Bible’s teachings.

Reports of such abuse are myriad and the subsequent lawsuits, monumental.

Montana Christian College does not hide from the issues of the day; they are understood, explained, and countered from biblical convictions. Every course, whether Early Childhood Education or Sports Management and everything in between, reflects Christian values derived from God’s inerrant and infallible Word.

MontanaCC.edu is not a holy huddle; it is the front lines of Christian higher education. For more information, please call 406.758.8100.

The Medical Transcription Service

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Discover the perfect work-from-home opportunity as a medical transcriptionist with The Medical Transcription Service! This reputable company, with over thirty-five years of industry experience, is actively seeking skilled professionals like you to join their team.

Enjoy the flexibility of part-time or full-time work while collaborating with a trusted and experienced team. As a remote-based position, you can work from the comfort of your own home, saving time and commuting expenses.

Curious about the benefits of working with The Medical Transcription Service? Attend their complimentary forty-minute introductory webinar where you’ll gain valuable insights into working for the company, earning potential, necessary equipment, the wide range of reports they transcribe, and much more.

Contact The Medical Transcription Service at info@medtranscription.com to learn more and secure your spot in the free webinar.

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