Learning about cultures, countries, social systems, and history can come in many different packages. As a home educator, you can find the programs and resources that share the values you want to instill in your kids - and make it fun! These companies bring you materials in engaging and interactive ways to guide your children in the way they should go. See the programs, lessons, novels, and learning approaches that help you live the fun, educational life with your family.
Home School Partners
Are you tempted to throw your shoes at the TV every time you see yet another brainwashed college student spouting socialistic nonsense? Are you determined to arm your high schoolers with the truth about big government?

Do you want your teens to (a) learn how to defend a Christian viewpoint of government that focuses on conserving liberty, and (b) have fun while they learn?

Are you looking for American Government and Civics programs that your high schoolers can handle on their own, and enjoy, with well-organized, easy-to-follow daily/weekly reading schedules?

Self-directed...fun and faith-affirming...and a breeze for parents!

Both programs feature clear, punchy daily readings, with daily review questions to help students get the most out of what they read.

Answer keys are included, so your high schoolers can free you up by checking their own answers if you'd like!

Look what you get with these self-directed-for-students programs:

  • A Christian worldview that (of course!) champions small government
  • A handy, daily/weekly reading schedule with review questions
  • FREE review question answer keys
  • FREE quizzes, with answer keys (easy for Moms to score!)
  • A sense of humor so students have fun while they learn!

In a day where many Americans clearly have no idea what the Bible and the Constitution say about government, you can set your teens up for success!

(And save your TV and shoes.)

Let's Go Geography
Make Geography the Best Part of Your Week

Let's Go Geography lets K-5th grade kids discover current world geography with creative hands-on activities. They learn about a different country every week, all year long.

"My kids LOVE this curriculum and always want MORE MORE MORE!!" -- Katelyn F.

Kids love the Virtual Field Trips to other countries!

Map & Flag activities give perspective.

Notebooking ties everything together.

And Coloring & Crafts top it all off. 

"We love the program and are almost done with the second-year curriculum. We're definitely doing it again next year." --Lisa S.

Each year gives you 32 individual lessons to download. Each lesson is about 30 pages long and jam-packed with engaging activities.

Kids explore about 30 countries every year. In the full 3-year cycle, that’s almost 90 countries!!

And it's so economical. You purchase 1 curriculum for ALL your kids, Grades K-5. The older grades (3-5) will need the additional Discovery Pack, which is also a 1-time purchase for ALL your kids.

"Let’s Go Geo is a phenomenal value in the current homeschool market. So much is included for the low price ." --Amy H.

Try it today with a FREE Geography Lesson, and get ready to explore the world with Let’s Go Geography!
AMG Publishers
While some American believers see one nation under God as a lost cause, author Jenny L. Cote sees the hope that one generation of young people can bring. See the rich Christian heritage of the founders who knew that the only way this would work is to keep God as their true Sovereign.  

The Order of the Seven must help birth one nation under God by entering the lives of children chosen to become the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Liz must help Patrick Henry become the Voice of the Revolution, Max protects George Washington, Nigel watches over Benjamin Franklin, Al must spy under the nose of King George III, and Kate protects the young Marquis de Lafayette, so that France can become an ally. The Voice, the Revolution and the Key covers events from the year 1743 up through the eve of the Revolution in March 1775.

A spy in the Sons of Liberty threatens to crush the patriot cause on the eve of war, but who will fire the first shot and launch the American Revolution? The Marquis de Lafayette helps France secretly support the American cause, George Washington must drive the British army from Boston, Thomas Jefferson pens a Declaration. The Epic Order of the Seven must assist the Founding Fathers with espionage and miracles to win this war for American Independence. The Declaration, the Sword and the Spy covers the events from March 1775 to July 1776.

Books Contain: Fact, Fiction, Fantasy- in that order

Deb Watley Books
The Field Notes of Gwen Bell is a delightful fictional series that introduces archeology, history, and geography to readers ages eight through twelve.
The contemporary novels feature a young, reluctant archeologist who experiences the consequences of her choices but also learns about family and friendships as she digs for artifacts in the South Dakota soil.
Join eleven-year-old Gwen in Summer Ruins on her first archeological excavation where she risks her relationship with her mother to conduct her own secret dig.
Return for Gwen’s second adventure in Boots and Buckets where Gwen uses her new skills to search for a treasure, but she must also face her fear of both horses and social rejection.
Summer Ruins won a 2019 Oregon Christian Writers’ Cascade Award.
Buy now at most online retailers and at http://www.DebWatleyBooks.com
Cross Seven
The Power of Timelines and Interactive Learning are a Homeschool Mom’s Secret Weapon!
The study of History and Geography are some of the most foundational aspects of learning. If we do not know where we are and where we have been, it is much more difficult to chart a course for the future. Our Cross Seven curriculum offers an awesome option for kids to learn and apply elements of history and geography in the context of the bigger picture goal of indeed being all that they can be!

How? A timeline lays out the story for the student and creates a solid and intuitive index that ties all of the other subjects together. Our children are constantly receiving information. The magic of using a timeline is that it provides a framework that allows them to process, store and retrieve those facts.

Kids feel confident in knowing facts. Musical memory work and interactive activities enhance learning by involving multiple senses. Kids learn using a logical time frame, music with motion, games, and quizzes prepared for you using Claritas Publishing curricula as a base.

Home education succeeds when children love to learn and have the underlying infrastructure they need to grow. A timeline gives kids a means to receive, process, and evaluate material and a way to express and apply what they are learning.

See for yourself the high added value of Musical Memory Work.

Visit the Cross Seven website to learn more and to try our program without cost or obligation.
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